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hello i would like to configure my new pc with an ssd to enable trim. (all i did so far was set in the bios the ssd to AHCI) is that all i need to do?

im using a gigabyte motherboard and my ssd is the ocz agility 2 60gb.
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    Yes... Setting your controller to AHCI should have enabled TRIM support in Windows 7.

    You can follow these steps to verify it is enabled:

    How to Verify TRIM is Enabled
    In the start menu search box, type" cmd";
    Right click the cmd program and select Run as Adminstrator; and
    In the command line type "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify".
    If DisableDeleteNotify = 0 TRIM is Enabled.
    If DisableDeleteNotify = 1 TRIM is Disabled.

    When typing in the command window, don't include " " when typing.

  2. Thanks tecmo34, I found that useful.
  3. thanks :) i got a 0.
  4. Also Dowload AS SSD, install and open (do not need to run Benchmark) check the upper left:
    Will Show
    .. Model
    .. Firware
    .. Driver (Note For SF 1200 controller SSD - Yours is) it should show iaStor, NOT msahci
    .. Alignment should show OK.
  5. heres what it says:

    ocz-agility2 ata
    103424 K-ok
  6. You are using the wrong driver (pcide). This driver will give you the poorest performance on a SF12xx SSD. Next is the default ms ahci driver followed by the better of the three iaSTOR (Intel's ahci driver.

    Not sure if you can update the pcide driver to the iaStor - I had to re-install.

    Need to download the Intel RST matrix driver (Ver 9.6 or latter.). You also need to download intel's "F6" driver (Caution, get correct version 32 bit or 64 vit). Put this on a thumbdrive. Install Win 7 custom install. On page where you select where to install windows, look for a little check box for additional drivers (should be lower left side).
  7. ok so please just run that passed me again. i need to reinstall windows to get a faster driver??? (i will be doing one anyway). and if its an ocz agility 2 drive why do i need an intel driver???
  8. Let me backtrack - I just looked and you did not specifiy which MB/CPU you were using.

    (1) It is not a question about SSD brand, it's about the controller that the SSD usies, In your case, and mine (a Pheonix PRO on Gigabyte P55-UD4P MB), it is a sandforce 1200 and the southbridge on your MB.

    What I should have verified (and what you should have identified) - is your system using a Intel chipset (ie x55 or x58) or is it based on AMD.

    If AMD, Need to verify if AMD has finally put out an ahci driver that works with TRIM. Otherwise use the default microsoft default AHCI driver. (Forget intel drivers).

    If your system is based on the intel platform, follow what I said in my previous post.

    There are a couple of previous post on this subject. In terms of performance If you run the AS SSD bench mark, I think you will find your overall score to be very low, about 1/2 of what it should be. My score using pcide = 231. Reinstalled. using iaStor overall score = 471 which is very close to manuf stated performance.
  9. oh ok thanks.

    motherboard: gigabyte ga-880ga-ud3h
    cpu- amd athlon 2 x4 640.

    so what your saying is check to see if amd has a ahci driver.
  10. just checked amd and could not find any drivers. so now what???
  11. use default ahci driver, Make sure Bios set to AHCI, not ide.
  12. ok thanks,

    thats all i need to do?
  13. Yes, for installing operating system.
    Might want to review "Tweeks for SSDs" and apply ones you think are approperate.
    One I use is to disable hybernation


    Added: see this post (Tecmo34 response)
  14. Win7 should enable trim by default as long as you are in ahci mode. The only obstacle then is that some ahci drivers do not support trim (win7 sends the trim command but it does not get passed to the ssd firmware by the driver). The default win7 ms drivers do though.
  15. threatdown.
    Intels driver (ver 9.6 and later) also passes trim even if raid (not ahci) is specified in Bios as long as the SSD is NOT a member drive in Raid configuation.

    For OP - mute point as you are using an AMD system.
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