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I bought a new hard drive with a custom built PC and when I try to install windows 7 it says select boot device or something like that and to press any key. I do that and the computer restarts. If it helps it's a western digital caviar black 500 gb. Motherboards asus m4188td-v evo
AMD phenom IIx4 965 3.4 ghz. I can't even get into the bios sometimes. Now with my old hard drive that I'm using now I can get into the BIOS. Would the DVD drive have anything to do with this?
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  1. The DVD drive should not affect the BIOS finding the WD HDD. Make sure you have connected the WD 500 to a main SATA port (not one of the jmicron ports), and that both ends of the data cable are firmly attached, and that you have a SATA power lead connected to the WD HDD. Then re-boot, enter the BIOS to make sure the BIOS sees the HDD. When BIOS sees it, you should be able to boot to the W7 installation disk.
  2. The BIOS does see it. I'll try again.
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