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I have a Linksys WRT150N router. I also have a usb wireless n adapter from Linksys. Whenever I connect to my router I get a speed of 270 mbps. Is this normal? Should I be getting a speed of 300 mbps?

I also plan to change my router this January. What do you guys suggest?
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  1. That's what most people tend to report they get.

    That number is great for wireless.
  2. The N can go up to 300 Mb/s but the maximum speed average is from 144 to 200 Mb/s.

    Since your'e getting 270Mb/s, that's already the maximum speed,so no worries.

    The reason why you only have 270Mb/s could be with the interferences. One way or another it won't stay at 300 Mb/s.

    If you already have a dual band adapter, try using a dual band router.
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