Internal HDD connected to eSATA not detected

I have an internal 7200.12 SATA HDD which i want to connect to an eSATA port at the back panel of Mobo. So i bought a Sata to eSata cable for this purpose and connected the internal HDD to the eSATA port and Sata power connector coming from PSU. The drive spins up but is not detected in windows or even BIOS.

I tried enabling AHCI mode but that didn't help either.

My Mobo is GA-G33M-S2H
The SATA to eSATA cable i am using is from here:

Please advise.
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  1. Some motherboards require you enable RAID to use the eSATA ports. You don't have to run the drives in RAID array, but RAID must be enabled.
  2. Thanksfor your reply, but since my motherboard has only ICH9 and not ICH9R, it does not support any kind of RAID. But still it has got a eSATA port at the back panel. So i suppose it should work without RAID too
  3. You might have to enable that particular SATA port. Check your BIOS setup.
  4. Although the BIOS has options to enable/disable IEEE 1394 and LAN ports, there is no option to enable eSATA port. :(

    For reference, here are the specifications for the motherboard i am using :
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