Computer comes on but monitor displays nothing

Computer comes on with fans spinning but monitor does not display anything.

I have tried changing hard drive, graphics card, monitor/graphics card cable, monitor and also trying to boot up the computer with the simplest components.

The hard drive does spin. However, holding the power button for 10 seconds does nothing so I have to turn off the power supply and mains to actually turn off the computer.

I would be grateful if the community would help me out with this problem.

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  1. specs please
  2. You could try clearing the CMOS and see if that gets you into the BIOS.
  3. Is it even POSTing? Any beeps? Or silence? And like cmichael said, NEED SPECS.
  4. sorry for delay

    here are the specs:

    corsair 550w
    ocz 2x2gb hpc 1066mhz
    samsung spinpoint f1
    nvidia 8800gt

    No posting, no beeps (as there are no speaker connection/cables), fans do come on except the cpu fan which normally comes on during the boot up but not straight away.
  5. You might need to increase the MB voltage (default is 1.8) to 2.3 to get that memory to work.
  6. That RAM should be using 2.1v I believe. Either way, cmichael138 is right in his suggestion. Try bumping the DIMM voltage up to 2.1v - 2.3v and see if that get's you going.
  7. before, i did bump up the voltage to 2.1v and it was fine. this problem has suddenly occured.

    I can not change any settings as I have obviously said i cannot see anything on the monitor screen...
  8. Did you try another PSU? i had a 680w which only put out 400 and something it worked, but did not supply enough power to all the components.
  9. Also, make sure that you did not drop a skrew inside the case accidentally and it ended underneath the mainboard...
  10. Oh yea, I guess you got a point holymongol. lol sorry... You may need to try another CPU, or a different motherboard.
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