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I have a Toshiba laptop, Windows XP SP3. If I leave the unit on overnight and online, it is shut down in the morning. Any ideas?

Dave in Indiana
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  1. Umm, stupid question, but do you leave it plugged in. Perhaps the battery is being drained.
  2. Yes, I do leave it plugged in! Stupid question? I'll look elsewhere.
  3. Without knowing your level of knowledge, it's best to start with basics. You'd be amazed at some of the simplest of questions asked on here.
  4. Check power option in control panel...

    Certain Bios have some power options, you can check that also...

    It could be caused also by overheating issues (try Speedfan) or the power supply ...

    For advanced settings on power options, use cmd


    powercfg /? to see all options

    You can do and see much more here... :hello:
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