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Internet vs 10+ year old computer...

Hi all.

I was confronted today with a XP Pro machine running a 10 inch CRT, 500 meg celeron and about 94 meg of what I think is EDO ram along with a 17 gig hard drive with 4 already used.

The issue was getting security software onto that machine. Since the ISP is not up and running past the activation date, I am not able to get online with that machine. Maybe tomorrow.

I had originally thought of generic Norton 360, AVG etc but when I was shown the machine; all of that went out of the window.

Is it fair to assume that when the internet is "Lit off" for that house and computer, I would be downloading software such as antivirus and firewall from ISP provided by McAfee or similar?

The Client is elderly and on a fixed income so that makes for a new way of thinking.

My thoughts also wanders back 10 years or more for the software from that time period which might be smaller and easier to install onto such a small slow machine. I thought ours was slow with it's 66 meg cpu and 80 something EDO ram back then. However back then we did not have the bloat that we do today.

The Internet is a fiber optic broadband. The frigging router can be it's own firewall anyway. So that leaves the Anti virus as the way to satisfy the XP's incessant demands for software.

What say you?
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    Forget about the security software; a system with only 96MB of RAM will not be usable since XP will be constantly hitting virtual memory which will bring the system to a crawl.
  2. I have a Raptor that will go in to that box and serve as a swap drive. That was one item the machine lacked. (Among others.) Never thought I would be looking to hook up to a slave on the IDE again.

    Short of donating a 7 year old machine or building a basic 200 dollar box I would wish to at least try. I used to keep some EDO ram on hand and the last time the computer store dealt with the stuff it cost far more than what today's memory is worth. (Another underlying reason to build your own...)

    It's such a tiny obsolete machine, but yet the Person who received it from family plus a internet is so happy to have any kind of computer. The technical details matter not to her.

    I was half tempted to dig out a year 2000 Norton and try it.
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