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Hi Tom's Hardware community,

Recently i have started getting BSoDs in my otherwise stable computer. They come from nowhere and i'm a bit of a noob at diagnosing such things despite me reading a lot on how to resolve such problems. I suspect its memory but im unsure.


Recently i reseated my graphics card and sound card into different slots on the mobo to try and help a problem of driver nvlmdkkm (i think thats right) failing to work in games and thus creating a bad experience. The graphics card was moved to the top x16 slot and the pci-e x1 card was moved to the bottom x16 slot (i've read in multiple places that this is acceptable).

From here the problems started and i've no idea what to do. Rolling back/updating drivers for anything results in a BSoD every time, sometimes windows needs 2 tries to start and when it feels like its working ok, it BSoDs just randomly.

Working on getting a memtest result but i dont have ISO software to burn to a CD.

AMD 9950 BE OC to 3.0GHz
4GB Corsair Twin XMS3 Dominator 1066
X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty
Asus Crosshair BIOS 1802
Xigmatek NRP 1200W

Would just like to point out, this system has been stable as a rock until the last week or so. Please help!

P.S Working with Corsair's tech support to see if its the RAM..
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  1. If you can keep the machine up long enough, and if you have a spare flash drive, download Daemon Tools Lite and mount the iso file to a virtual drive. Then insert your flash drive and note both drive letters that the devices have been assigned. Format the flash drive as FAT32. Now open a command prompt and type in the following:

    xcopy x:*.* /s/e/f y:

    Replace the drive letters x and y with the drive letters you noted earlier, where x is the source memtest iso drive mounted with Daemon Tools, and y being the formatted flash drive. This should make a bootable memtest flash drive.
  2. Quick update:

    Took apart my computer, gave it a good clean, rewired the entire thing, reseated everything and swapped the ram sticks round.

    Been running for 2 hours roughly now and it seems ok. I've managed to install some updated audio drivers for my titanium fatal1ty (this is a big thing as installing anything resulted in some sort of BSoD before the cleanout).

    I did notice on my adventures that my soundcard (seated in a x16 slot because the x1 slots are blocked by my graphics card) was a little loose in it's pin connections. After reseating i made sure it was as firmly screwed in as possible.

    Well hopefully no errors will throw up now, also did a good spring clean of the registry with CCleaner, there were TONS of broken driver registries in there so maybe that helped too.

    Still got memtest etc on standby just in case.
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