Dual Display ATI HD3200

Just bought a new Asus M4A78-EM with ATI Raedon HD3200.

I have my 24" Acer monitor on the DVI and it works fine. When I plug in the HDMI connected to my Samsung HDTV however the Acer cuts out and all I get is the Samsung connection. When I try catalyst center to set up displays, it keeps telling me to enable the 2nd display but nothing ever happens. Can't seem to figure this out why it just can't see both displays and why I can't choose between them if I want.

Just downloaded and installed the newest catalyst display driver off ati site: 9.6 I believe. Thanks. Any help much appreciated.

Also - is there any way to force the audio to stay on the green jack rather than pump through the HDMI cable? I got a Realtek ALC887.
XP 64bit
AMD Phenom 940
8 Gb RAM
Asus M4A78-EM
ACER x241w
Samsung ln t3253h
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  1. The HDMI acts like a TV out I don't think you can run the DVI and HDMI at the same time.
  2. hmm... now after update to latest driver can't get HDMI... says 'not supported mode'... is it me or is CCC not nearly as intuitive as NVIDIA's control center...
  3. For dual monitor I believe you need one on vga and one on dvi... it's essential hit or miss. You get dual monitor to work with igp, great. Can't get it to work? To bad, fork up 50 bucks for a card :p
  4. You can have 'dual' monitors... Only one active at a time is usually the case
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