Hard Disc Power Switch Selector

Hello, You can add a Hard Drive Energy saving power switch - see the following link it allows for 6 separately switched Hard Discs to run independently of each other --


These are readily available on ebay around the $110 mark delivered.
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  1. A HD uses maybe 10 watts at full load, prolly 0.5 watts in sleep mode.

    Let's say an average of 3 watts over 24 hours:

    3 x (24 /1000) x 356 days x $0.10 = $2.63 a year .... the payback time for energy savings w/ 2 HD's is about 20 years.
  2. I hear what you are saying power savings are likely negligible, but the greater attraction is you can utilise the convenience of several hard drives within the one cabinet, and switch between different operating systems, also, when the actual hard drive has no power to it, then it doesn't spin up, which all adds to wear and tear on a hard drive if it has continuous power to it.

    This link was only given in response to an earlier forum thread request for a switching defice between hard drives. So feel it fits the bill well enough.

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