ATI 4890 vs Nvidai GTX 275

I'm wondering which 1 would be of better use with Autodesk Inventor. But I know a lot of guys don't use this, ,so if u can relate with maya u can use it as reference.

The Cards I'm considering are: gtx 275 and hd4890

Now, yes they'll be used for gaming and from the recent graphics card charts the 4890 wins there.


I also need to render in autocad and autodesk Inventor, i've heard sum random stuff about ATi drivers not being good for 3d rendering in these software environs, which is what lead to the consideration of the gtx 275.

Now, i also know that some ppl are gonna recommend flashing the cards.... :non: just no, i cant afford to mess with the card too much...

Others may recommend quadros and firepros...i dont have that type of funding this is my personal build and im struggling along in university in Jamaica, and i have to worry about port taxes and such.

So plz throw in ur 2 cents and lets c which direction i should head in.


u c i dont kno, cuz the machine is down now cuz im waitin 4 my new cpu fan, case, and power supply 2 be shipped.

Its HOT in Jamaica, so i needed a bigger case for better ventilation. Now, i have a overclocked HIS HD 4850 which im selling to my friend, if he is willing to purchase buy July 20th, along with my old computer case and this should manage to pay for the card.

So my 7600gt sc is gonna be used after next weekend until the 20th july.

Now, i have run inventor on my laptop, 1.8ghz core 2 duo, 2gb ram, 8600gt supposedly up to 512mb; and it takes about 10-15 mins to render a cam at 1024 x 768, and i want to have a design down for my go cart project and hopefully my as yet undetermined final year project.

The time issue will come up as i am gonna be working thru my 3rd yr of university while tryin to get these projects of the ground.

So, while i have an ATI card, which by the way has never been used( power supply was apparently over rated for 500w), i have always been with Nvidia. From Geforce 2 ,4, 7600gt,8600gt and they have never really let me down and when i throw brand new software on them they usually fight and throw me up an image.

While this was happening, my ati friends where going through graphics card like potato chips as they would succumb to over heating, and if they did survive driver issues used to kill them. However, since the HD3k series i have come across sturdy cards which along with reviews here prompted me to purchase my his hd 4850 turbo.

However, based on my results with my 8600gt and its 512 mb of ram i think the card needs to be changed and based of what you are all saying im swaying to Nvida, but as inklimited sed the hd4980 has more processing power and more ram 1024mb vs the 768mb of the gtx 275, so im still reserved. Any 1 knows of any body running this softare on either of these cards?

My friend runs photoshop on a pair of 9800gt sli'd and he is telling me its all about the Processor and gpu ram for rendering.


i have 2gb of corsair 800mhz ram, yes i know it will have to be increased, planning on buying a pair of 2gb of the same brand Christmas time along with a new monitor God willing
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  1. You really should list the rest of your system may as well be pairing everything backwards...

    Either way i would look into flashing the will get the performance you need and the gaming power you crave....if you can get a card with a good warranty in africa then you shouldn't have to worry if the flashing are they going to know it was a botched flash? exactly....
  2. I would recommend the GTX275 since it runs much cooler then the 4890, most high end ATI cards idle at 70c and have loud fans. Also since I live in Phoenix where its hot I have the same concern about buying the coolest running card.

    As far as Autocad, any of these cards will work fine but if you need a little more horsepower and also want to stay cool then I would also suggest 2 ATI 4770 cards in SLI, they run cool and quiet and will outperform the GTX275 and 4890 for the same amount of money.

    Just my opinion.
    Good Luck
  3. ati cards dont idle at 70 lol where did u get that?

    mine idles at 39 in a 30C hot room...
  4. rewindlabs said:
    Either way i would look into flashing the cards.

    rewindlabs said:
    if you can get a card with a good warranty in africa

    Anonymous said:
    I would also suggest 2 ATI 4770 cards in SLI

    Jamaica in Africa?, 4770's in SLi? recommending flashing BIOS's when the OP explicitly states that they don't want to :pfff: , @ OP, the two cards you are interested in trade blows as far as gaming performance is concerned and whereas the GTX275 uses less power at idle it consumes more under load, as I don't use either of the software apps you mention I don't know what kind of stresses they put the cards under, have you tried looking at the Usenet forums or the dedicated Autocad forums?
  5. Jamaica/africa whats the difference its hot as hell and they have no newegg or evga love...and i did read what the op said...still i suggest you flash the cards due to the increased performance etc...
  6. Actual System specs:

    Athlon 64 3500+
    2gb Corsair 800mhz
    M2N32SLI no crossfire 4770
    250GB Western Digital- sata 2
    Dvd Burner
    CD Burner
    EVGA 7600gt Superclocked
    No name '500w' PS

    Parts purchased in my possession but not installed:

    Athlon X2 6000+---tried with my t2 cooler runs at 72degrees C

    HIS Radeon HD 4850 IceQ4 Turbo---- tried 1ce needed more power figured out my psu was over rated on labeling

    Parts purchased but not in the Island yet:

    Coolermaster HAF 932----Optimal space for huge grafix cards and huge cpu coolers plus it comes with huge fans

    Zerotherm Nirvana NV120----Drop the temps on the cpu maybe even run for a lil overclocking

    Corsair TX750w ------ Providing enuff power without straining itself

    Reason/s to replace the 4850

    I've had it since last year December and haven't even been able to use it. Stupid no name psu :fou:

    So, im tryin to sell it 2 my friend for about $190 its not really a profit on me considering i had to impor it and pay customs fees but its close enough to the poin where i can help myself by selling my corrent pc case and buy sumthing better with more ram. Which will decrease my rendering times if only buy a little.

    Ohye im running a 17inch crt dell monitor and my cousin wrapped the wires 2 tight on my old altec 5.1s so my surround sound is gone.

    So, as i said b4 i want to buy 4gb more of ram and hopefully a new monitor Christmas, God willing if i can save some money.

    Thats the skinny of where im at
  7. rewindlabs said:
    Jamaica/africa whats the difference its hot as hell and they have no newegg or evga love...and i did read what the op said...still i suggest you flash the cards due to the increased performance etc...

    Jamaica is hot and humid while Africa-Africa is more just a dry heat....or so I've been led to believe.
  8. rewindlabs said:
    Jamaica/africa whats the difference its hot as hell and they have no newegg or evga love...and i did read what the op said...still i suggest you flash the cards due to the increased performance etc...

    I suppose Australia is in Africa too?
  9. Ok so any further afvice now that u kno my full system specs
  10. The 4850X2 beats both in performance and price.
  11. The 4850 X2 is about the same and has driver problems

    As for gaming, the 4890 is a better deal than the GTX 275 since the diffeence between them is not noticeable but the price is.

    As for apps, I know nothing about the driver abilities or inabilities of either. However the 4890 might prove to be better since it can be overclocked higher, especially with the aftermarket coolers, and the raw computational power might help with apps, this is all theoretical so don't quote me.
  12. Zeen i c what ur saying, i'd like to think that im a person who takes the edgier decisions, nut i just dont have enough money or time o regret my decision so im leaning toward Nvidia at the moment
  13. I would also like to add the ATI just came out with there new drivers so if they work like they should it will be 30% faster and better then before then it might stand up to the 280 even! well after OC to 1Ghz
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