Gigabyte MA770T or MA790FXT ? ? ?

Need help please.

I am not sure which motherboard to use with my Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition

I currently have MA790FXT , but noticed that store around the corner has MA770T for $100 cheaper

I have 2 more days to return my MA790FXT and get MA770T .

Using my PC mostly for Gaming . Would I loose any performance switching to MA770T ?

I am running 6GB of Patriot Extreme Viper Series DDR3 1066 memory and ATI Radeon HD5870 videocard

Don't plan on running Crossfire.

I am not an overclocker but would prefer to have some room for overclocking.

Please suggest .

any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!
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  1. MA770T:


    The main difference is that the MA790FX which is based on AMD 790FX chipset has 2 PCI-E 16x slot which is for CrossFire and the MA770 which is based on AMD 770 chipset has one PCI-E 16x slot,if you may add a new card in future keep your current board,in terms of OverClocking the 790 chipsets seem to be better.
  2. I am an proud owner of GA-MA790FXT-UDP5, and I have one word to say : SWEET!!!!!

    This board is a performer, and overclocker and a breeze to work with. I Pay 185$ Canadian and it worth every penny!!!!

    MA770T is low/mid end, MA790FXT is high end...
  3. The motherboard will have a very negligible affect on performance. The main benefit of the 790FX chipset is the ability to run crossfire configurations. If you won't use crossfire, save yourself $100.

    The more expensive board may let you OC a bit further, but I doubt 100MHz or so is worth $100 to you. A $25 aftermarket cooler will probably allow you to get just as far with the cheaper board.
  4. I kept MA790FXT.

    Thanks for your help everyone !
  5. You did the best thing :)
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