Does the p55 Biostar mobo use Foxconn sockets?

Specifically, does the Biostar t5 xe cfx-sli mobo use Foxconn sockets? I received this and an i5 as a gift (which I found was from a fry's combo sale) and just finished building my rig. I can't find this bit of information anywhere. I, of course, don't want to stress my board with a high OC if it actually does have Foxconn sockets.

Thanks for any replies.
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  1. What do you mean by "foxconn Sockets"?
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    Dude it says Lotes right on the socket, so it uses Lotes not Foxconn. I am looking into buying that exact same motherboard, please post how well that board does and how high you can overclock that i5 750.
  3. Coulda made your own thread instead of necro'ing this one buddy (though, I admit its not that old anyways :D).

    Anyways, I also have an i5 and the CFX-SLI version t5xe.
    3.9 @ 1.264vcore is my 24/7 config. Runs at 36-40C in a ~23C room.

    Usually people report a 3.8 wall w/ an i5, but I suppose I got lucky with mine 100 mhz higher. I could NOT get to my 4.0 goal OCCT/Prime stable until I reached 1.4 vcore. 4.2ghz was the max I could get to staying at 1.4 while still remaining OCCT/Prime stable. Regardless, 4.2 @ 1.4vcore is also saved on my bios, but I personally don't think the big jump in vcore voltages warrants 100-300 extra mhz, hence why I'm at 3.9/1.264 :).

    Watch your VTT too. It'll start to get high with auto. After you're done reaching your goal (which I'm probably guessing is also about 4.0), start testing stability while lowering it.

    EDIT: Forgot an important note, I use a hyper 212+ with 2 fans. I cannot help you with stock numbers.
  4. Thanks, I felt a bit iffy about the age of the thread. I'm happy as long as the board does well, I'm out for a 3.6-3.8 Ghz overclock which absolutely should be doable on a decent board. I will use an xigmatek HDT-s1283 with a 110 CFM fan, possibly 2 if needed, so I'm not worried about cooling. As an aside, why is 4.2 with 1.4v bad? As long as the temps are fine the 1.4v is still in the voltage specs, albeit the absolute top end. Anyway, very nice overclock you should be proud.
  5. I don't think that 4.2 @ 1.4vcore is bad. It's just that my original goal was 4.0ghz, aiming to obviously reach it with as little added vcore as needed for my rig to run stable. But 3.9 is pretty close to my intended goal, with a low 1.264v. So, I guess in it end, its just my personal preference to keep it there :D.

    Glad I could be of some assistance. Not sure if retail is worth it, since I got the same deal i5/mobo combo as the OP from frys, at about $250 tax included, after MIR. I think most people opt for the similar priced asus/gigabyte. But the board hasn't let me down yet. It's definitely stable and reliable. Happy tweaking!
  6. Yeah I definitely understand the piece of mind you get from having low voltage, I understand I just wasn't sure whether you knew that 1.4v is still considered safe. Thanks for all the help.
  7. AMW1011,

    I'm using the HDT-S1283 on my Core i5. Running 4Ghz @ 1.32V and it passes the "Standard" 5 pass on Intel Burn Test. Highest temp on a 5-run with IBT was 79C.

    Prime95 over 8 minutes or so peaks me at 72C on Core 0. Core 1, 2, 3 all run about 4-6C cooler than Core 0.
  8. Jerreece- Don't those temps bother you at all? Thats really high and Intel recommends I think 62C max doesn't it?
  9. The newer chips can handle those temps. Normal use will never see anywhere close to 100% load.

    Anyone else with this board want to share their settings? bios? I am getting my i5 750 w/ this board on Wed.
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