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E-sata drive not recognised.

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January 30, 2011 12:05:33 PM

I have a home built computer with a Gigabyte EP34-DS3R motherboard, running Windows Vista (did I hear the groans?) and have installed a second Western Digital 500mb SATA hard drive in an enclosure that allows connection by USB or E-SATA.

Connected by a USB cable the drive is recognised and works.

Connected via the E-SATA cable it is recognised in the BIOS as being a slave on the IDE 0 channel, with the C drive (which is an identical Western Digital drive) recognised as the master disc. I have followed WyomingKnott's guide and am at the dreaded step 10, because the E-Sata drive is not seen at all by disc management. I have installed all the drivers on the Gigabyte driver disk, and checked for updates, with no result. I have been into the BIOS and tried setting ACHI mode, but that just results in the computer being unable to boot.

What can I try next, or should I just resign myself to using the drive in USB2 mode only?

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a c 316 G Storage
January 30, 2011 5:30:00 PM

Can you try installing it internally? The purpose of that test would be to see if there is a problem with either the ESata enclosure or your ESata port.
January 30, 2011 6:20:02 PM

I will try that later, at the moment I am waiting for Windows to format another external drive so that I can put my backups onto it. I am however pretty sure that it will work internally.

To back up a bit it used to be the D drive of a RAID 1 setup, but the computer suffered a failure due to a RAM chip malfunction. I did not know that it was faulty RAM that was causing the problem and decided to reinstall Windows, but after the first failed attempt I ran RamTest and discovered the problem. After removing the faulty module I reinstalled Windows with the D drive still in place and stupidly allowed the Vista installation to format it.

I recovered the data that was not on other back up media with the drive installed temporarily in my wife's computer, and now want to use it in an enclosure, as a back up drive, preferably running at E-Sata speed. Once I had removed it from my computer I discovered the most crazy thing that the Vista installation did. The boot manager files were put onto the D drive whilst Vista installed itself on C. Without the D drive Vista would not boot, so I had to do a second clean install.
January 31, 2011 4:08:56 PM

Problem Solved. It turned out that the hard drive enclosure only worked in SATA 1 mode, not SATA 2. As a result the Western Digital hard drive needed jumpers fitted. I found a jumper on an old CD ROM dive and fitted it, and its now working.

The Enclosure is this Apex model and the suppliers do not point out that it only works in SATA 1 mode, nor do its laughable instructions, which consist of a single jpeg image on a small CD.

After discovering from an Amazon review that it was only SATA 1 the solution was on the Western Digital website here for anyone else with the same problem.