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hello everyone.
building a new gaming rig, and having some trouble choosing the right mobo. I guess im not really building a new gaming rig but just getting a new mobo as i plan to use parts i already have.

the parts in my rig already include:
radeon ati 4870
intel E4800
500 gig hard drive

i also plan to buy 4 gigs of ddr3 ram and am running on windows 7.

any ideas? price is not a huge concern atm, although i dont really want to be spending over $300 AUD.
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  1. If you're planning on getting DDR3 then I might suggest an Asus P5E3 Pro.
  2. alright, thanks for that ill go have look.
    any other sugestions?
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  4. If you are doing a Core2 build, stick with DDR2 RAM. I do not think that a Core2 CPU can take full advantage of the potential of DDR3 RAM.
  5. humm yeah but i wanna future proof my comp. eventually ill probally end up buying quad core but for now i already own a e8400
  6. bump =\ sill need help
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