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I have a core2 duo E8400 and I installed cpuid. The temps there tells me that it's running at between 45c-52c.However when I enter the bios it tells me that it's running @39c. So which one do I beleive and what is the norm for this particular CPU?also I'm thinkink of upgrading to a Q9550 on an XFX 750i SLI motherboard. Do you think it will handle it and if so what cooling system should I use to keep the darn thing cool as I've heard that it can run hot. Not trying to do any serious overclocking,just looking for a little bettr performance,not that the E8400 is a slouch.P.S. Have a midrange case so don't have that much room for a monster cooling system. Any suggestions would be gratefull appreciated.
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  1. When you're in the BIOS the computer is sitting there not doing anything and so the temperatures are going to be pretty much as low as they can possibly be.

    When you boot up windows and run programs, the CPU will be busier and as a result the temperatures rise.

    The stock cooler SHOULD fit in a standard case keep the CPU as cool as it needs to be as long as the case has enough airflow going through it. But the stock cooler won't be as efficient or as quiet as an aftermarket cooler.
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