SSD wont boot with HDDs installed.

hello all.

my problem is, i restarted the computer and i kept getting a .. message of kinda like this

"no boot media is installed, restart computer and select a boot device " ................ the message was something like that.

now, trouble shooting, i removed all power cords to all my drives (1.5tb / 650/500/250 gigs ) and ONLY left the 90gig SSD connected which is my boot drive, and whatta you know it works.

my ? is, what can i do to get it back to the way i had it? (all of em working together)

as far as i know, if a HDD fails it shouldnt interfere with my main hdd right?
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  1. Take a look at your boot sequence. The sequence may be directed to a faulty drive or a drive with no OS on it. With this drive removed, the boot sequence goes to the next drive/device in the sequence. If your SSD is the only drive present, the boot sequence goes to it finally and boots your computer.

    Check your BIOS and set the boot sequence to boot from the SSD first, and then to maybe the DVD drive, and after that to some other device.

    After doing this, re-install all the HDDs, and you will be fine.
  2. thanks for your quic response....

    this is the thing. i did that about 3 moonths ago or so when i first installed it. (your instructions i mean) somehow, the boot order went outta wack?

    either way, with no other ideas as to how this could happen, i tried your instructions UBRALES and again it didnt boot.
    i went back in to bios, checked and it picked up the SSD and dvd drive only since thats the only two things there...but as per your instructions, i manually made it go to SSD first and then DVD drive...

    then i plugged everything back in, restarted and SAME problem again "no media installed mssg" etc.
    so i then went from top to bottom (3 drives total aside from SSD) and began removing the power cables one by one

    so what i did was, i took to top one off, restart, got the same message. put that power cable back in and took off the 2nd hdds power cable and restarted....same thing. put it back and took out the 3rd and watta you know. the system starts.

    somehow, that 3rd drive (i hope its the 250 gig) is messing with the boot order and also jamming up my system... how can this happen?

    edit*** looking a bit further, although the system started up, my 650 and 500 are nowhere to be lost
  3. You have pinpointed the issue. The boot sequence is referencing your 3rd, drive as the first boot device. Take a good hard look at the number sequence of the SATA ports, and then make sure that the boot sequence seeks the port which has the SSD first. Then designate the 2nd, 3rd, etc. boot device as you see fit.

    (Your 3rd. drive HDD does not have the OS on it, and therefore, when the boot sequence seeks this drive as the first device, it messes up).
  4. Lols.

    On my your saying that my 3rd drive is
    On the first sata connection in my mobo?
  5. ok i dont know WHATS going on!

    ok so i just went down there and looked...and, the SSD was in slot #1.
    since it was picking up the stata slot 5 drive, i switched the cables and its working......

    and all drives show.....ive NEVER had that problem b4.
    could it be mobo is going bad?
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    If it works, don't mess with it! No, your mobo is not going bad.
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  8. Thank you somdow!
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