Tired of waiting, need help picking out some parts....

Well I wanted to buy a new Mobo/Ram/CPU before May, I was waiting for AMD to make an AM3/SLI mobo, and all we get is the 980a, which works, but isn't a nice mobo like say, the Rampage.

So I don't know much about Intel, I know they perform better then AMD, but only if you plan on doing video and CAD like programs, I just plan on gaming, and I know the 955 PII would be great for gaming and for the price.

I was looking at the 920, and the 940, the 920 is good but seems a little slow when your comparing it to the 955. The 940 looks good, but I couldn't find a good comparison in gaming tho the 955? Most threads I saw just said "if you have the money or need to do CAD then get the 940, if not get then 955 blah blah". If i could afford the 965, I'd just pick that up in a heartbeat but I can't.

There is no way I'm going to go ATI, I hate hate hate them. Every card I have had from then has crapped out somehow.

So I was looking at getting these..

http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.192120 - With another batch of the same Ram.




and then purchasing another 260 if my PSU can handle it. If not I'll just get a single 295, and sell my 260.

Just want some input, it would be great.

I don't plan on OC'ing, but I might do it a bit to "tweak" nothing anything fantastic. I deffinatly want SLI. And these are the only four things I'm looking at getting atm.
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  1. Here are my suggestions for parts switches:

    Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 - Save yourself some coin with this board, unless there is a specific feature on the Rampage II that interests you.

    CPU: Intel Core i7 920 - Save yourself more coin by going with the 920. This chip will easily overclock to the same frequency as the 940 if you're into OC'ing.

    RAM: G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600 - This set (while rated at higher 9-9-9-24 timings does not require you to approach the 1.65V limit on Core i7 ram. Intel's specs state that damage to the i7 chip could result with a RAM voltage over 1.65V. This kit only requires 1.60, and can quite easily operate on only 1.5 at it's stock settings. Oh yeah, and it's $70 cheaper per kit.

    If you're really into gaming, I would go with a GTX 295, but you haven't said what PSU you are using. Post back and let us know.
  2. PSU is in my sig ;)

    Yea that Ram looks very promising, I'll deffinatly switch it to that. Uhm about the Mobo, the name is what I'm going for, my last three mobos, and the last two mobos I have built for my friends have all been ASUS. I plan on sticking with them, plus the fact that I will be using this mobo for 4 years to come, so its not something I want to skimp on, I'll pay the extra coin. I also heard that a lot of the Gigabyte mobos have problems with some of the RAM slots being dead? I'm not sure if thats true, jsut some things I've seen around.

    With the CPU, I'm not sure, if I was going to get the 920 and OC it, I would also OC the 940, unless I can OC the 920 greater or more easily then the 940? I want to get performance in game near what I would get with a 955 with as little OC'ing as possible.
  3. Haha... missed your sig there... sry.

    The Corsair 750TX is suitable for a GTX 295 by the specs, but I'm always a little weary about hooking up high end video parts to a PSU with a single 12V rail. If you can spare the extra money in your budget, consider switching to the CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX.

    Gigabyte boards in my experience are comparably solid to Asus. I love both manufacturers. I've had one from each company die on me, but both died relatively quickly and I was able to get a replacement right away. If you're still going to stick with the Asus, that's fine... I just want to stress my point that there is nothing wrong with Gigabyte.

    Now regarding the CPU's.... at the speeds we are dealing with here, you're not really going to see a difference yet between the 920 and 940. You might as well save yourself the money and OC the 920 when the time comes that you need to do so before upgrading again. The lower end parts typically have better OC capabilities anyway.
  4. Ahh that sounds resonable. I'm still kinda iffy on switching to Intel if they keep their higest end cards at 1000 dollars.

    Could I pull of 3.5~ ish with that CPU fan with the 920? Thats what I had planned on OC'ing the 955 to.

    I knew I would be fine with a 295, just wasn't sure if I could handle a second 260 (and I don't think I can). Sounds like it would be worth it to go down to the a 920 and use the extra cash on a 295.
  5. Intel's highest end cards? Are you referring to the Extreme Edition i7 965?
  6. Im just going to ask...Helltech are you interested in getting rid of your current cpu mobo or ram...i would definitely be interested in the ram and motherboard combined...and the cpu if its cheap as i have one thats pretty close to it already...interested in the cpu cooler as well...

    PM me if interested...
  7. The_Prophecy said:
    Intel's highest end cards? Are you referring to the Extreme Edition i7 965?

    Yes. Is there something I'm missin' there? I'm been using AMD for 8 years, so excuse my lack of knowledge with Intel.

    EDIT - I meant chip, obviously not card. Talking about CPU's and GPU's and getting my words all mixed up. :(
  8. I see. I've never recommended the i7 965 chip to anyone. I don't really see the benefit to it anyway. So the multiplier is unlocked.... big deal. That takes all the fun out of overclocking anyway :)
  9. The_Prophecy said:
    I see. I've never recommended the i7 965 chip to anyone. I don't really see the benefit to it anyway. So the multiplier is unlocked.... big deal. That takes all the fun out of overclocking anyway :)

    Yea I'd never consider buying it, but whose to say Intel won't quit making chips that expensive, granted they shouldn't that would be a horrible buisness move.

    As long as I could get 3.3-3.6 Ghz with the 920 I'll glady get it, but that might be stressing it a bit, it would probably be easier to hit that with the 940, but like I said, I know nothing about Intel.
  10. I've seen people easily hit 3.8 with the 920. 4.0 can be done as well with a bump to the core voltage.
  11. I don't feel like switching the voltage, I would VERY happy if I could hit 3.8 without changing the voltage acutally.

    Also I plan on playing at 1900x1200, when I look at benchies (this thread made me want to do more research) with 920/940/965 and a 955 it looks like the 955 tears APART the 920 at higher resolutions, hell it even tears apart the 965.


    Ok well you've actually helped me a lot The_Prophecy.

    I'd like someone else to try and talk me into that Gigabyte, but I'm pretty stuck on ASUS.

    I've decided to go with the 920 after looking at more benchmarks (have no idea what the site i looked at earlier was talking about).

    I'm going to get 12 Gigs of that G.SKILL DDR3 1600 Ram.
    ASUS Rampage II Extreme
    i7 920 Nehalem
    Zalman CNPS9900

    And then I'm also getting a new ExternalHDD as mine craped out on me and I absolutely need one (freakin seagate blows)

    I was looking at this


    and this for a PCI cooler since mine died


    So all thats left, is, is there another good brand yet cheaper external I can get? Above 500gb. I saw a Hitachi I liked but not sure if they are good. Also, still not sure on another 260 or a 295 (or will my 260 be enough power till the 300 series comes out)

    Thanks guys.
  12. the 260 sli is faster than or equailvalint to the gtx 295 so dont waste your money there also hitachi isnt that bad but it also depends on the model some are good some are bad.
  13. Well in benchmarks the 295 beats the 260(only a few FPS, nothing to concern myself with). The two 260's sucks up more power (which is what I'm really worried about here) since I have a single rail fairly small PSU. Also I'm sure a single 295 would put off far less heat then 260SLI. I think I'm going to just wait till the other parts get here, and see how much better I perform in games. I know my GPU isn't my hinderance in my machine, its got to be my 2.4 CPU and 400 DDR1 ram.

    This was the external I was looking at, all the reviews say after you NTFS format it it goes to under 600GB, which isn't a big deal still more then the WD i picked out, but i trust WD.


    And well now its sold out.... so =/
  14. i mean if youve got themoney go for it but your 750tx should be able to handle the 260
  15. steepers said:
    i mean if youve got themoney go for it but your 750tx should be able to handle the 260

    You mean in SLI right? If so.... Does it matter if I get this...

    or this

    I have the latter, I'm just not sure how they work in SLI would it better to get the same exact, or get the one thats slightly better? Its only ten dollars so that doesn't bother me.

    So I'm looking at this for my build, I think everything will work correctly? Just want to make sure. I plan on OC'ing the CPU to 3.6Ghz. Plan on playing most games in 1900x1200.

    |CPU| Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem

    |MOBO| ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58

    |RAM| 12 GB G.SKILL 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit

    |GPU| EVGA GTX 260 SuperClocked in SLI
    !!($174.99 for another)!!

    |HDD| 300GB VelociRaptor + 400GB Caviar + 1tb WD Element External
    !!(Only need to buy the External $90.00)!!

    |Sound| X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty
    !!(Already Own)!!

    |PSU| Corsair 750TX
    !!(Already Own)!!

    |Case| MGE XCLIO A380BK
    !!(Already Own)!!

    |CPUCooling| Zalman CNPS 9900 !!(75.00)!!

    |OS| Vista 64 Bit/Windows 7 64 Bit !!(Already Own)
  16. I'd keep an eye on the 295 if you find your gaming performance isn't up to your expectations (even though it will stick kick some serious a** compared to your old box). A single GTX 295 will give slightly better performance, while consuming less power than a pair of 260's in SLI.
  17. Getting a second 260 now saves me a lot of money. My friend from another forum has been using 280 SLI and a 920 i7 for a while now on the same PSU and has no problems. So I don't think I will. And now that I think about it I don't think I'm going to be able to afford a 295 atm. The 260 SLI should last me until the 300's get serious, and then I'll sell them off for an SLI 300 Card.
  18. Great. Happy building! Post back once you've got the new rig set up and let us know how it's running.
  19. Should be here Tuesday, seriously though takes for the help The_Prophecy, you've saved me al ot of cash.
  20. You told me I should get 2 sets of that ram, but I just saw in another thread that you can only run 12 gigz at 1333, and even then you can't OC your cpu? Is this true? I already ordered :(. I guess I can pay the restocking fee, but I don't really want to. I'd rather use 6 gigs at 1600 and be able to OC my cpu to 3.5 like I had said, then use 12 gigs at 1333 and run my cpu at 2.6.....
  21. Should be able to run 12GB at 1600 no problem. This will require some minor adjustments in the BIOS, as technically the X58 chipset only natively supports 1333. The same was true with my Gigabyte EX58-UD5 board. The BIOS on stock settings has the ram frequency at 1333, but I believe only 2 changes are needed to make it run at 1600. The CPU does not have to be overclocked for this memory frequency change to occur.
  22. No, but i want to OC it. My friends uncle has the same board same cpu, with 1600 ram, and he acutally didn't have to do anything (I just talked to him about 15 minutes ago). He oc'ed the cpu to 4.0 and didn't have to mess with the memory at all, it read at 1600.

    What would if I have to do if mine doesn't?
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