1920x1080 cod4

just god a new rig, the specs are:
i7 920 @ 3.80ghz
his radeon hd4870 512mb
6x1gb g skill ddr3
p6t deluxe v2
was wondering what the best settings for cod4 is at this resolution? and should i mess around with ati catalyst or leave it alone? i have tried alot of different settings and the movements seem very weird. I have everything maxed out in graphics and textures and it still didnt run right. I dont know how to explain this problem but whenever i walk or turn things start to get blury. anyone got a solution to this? thank you very much.

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  1. try running with vsync on (sync every frame) if you havent done so.
  2. thanks for your advice, i have it on now. but the problem is still there. whenever i walk or move the mouse around it gets blury. could it be that my af is set wrong? thank you

  3. Play the game at the same resolution but with AA off. Did the problem go away?

    If the problem is still there, Set your CPU, RAM, and GPU to stock factory settings. Play CoD4. If the problem goes away, start your OC in small increments, one component at a time. When the problem comes back, you'll know which hadware item or setting is causing the problem.
  4. Whats your monitor? some monitors tend to blur when there is a lot of movement.
  5. its a ASUS VH242H Black 23.6, thank you hundred, turning of aa fixed the blur problem and the game is running very smooth now.

  6. Sounds like the AA setting was doing a "edge smoothing" effect on everything while you were moving, bluring everything out. Maybe a less/more agressive AA setting may work better...
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