Computer case help

Looking for a $50 computer case including shipping
current specs:
320 GB harddrive
3 GB ram
650 Watt PSU
Core 2 Duo@2.93GHz
19" monitor
windows vista home premium
Would help if it lookedd nice, must be from newegg
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  1. EDIT - OOPS! I goofed! The Antec Three Hundred is on sale today at for only $54.99. Unfortunately shipping is not free.
  2. Well, if free shipping is not included in the price and standard shipping costs about $10.00, then you're looking for a $39.00 case in order to stay within your budget. I'll see what kind of bargain I can come up with. I have to go run a few errands right now.

    If you are not in a hurry and are in the USA, then there should be some good sale prices this coming Labor Day Weekend

    In the meantime please check the length of the EVGA 250GTS graphics card. if that is one of those long cards, then you might have a problem with case dimensions.

  3. Go to Newegg site, select all cases between $25-$50 that have no psu included.

    Sort them by highest price (which is $50), and start looking for looks you like skipping those that don't have free shipping unless they are $40 or under.

    In this price range, it doesn't matter much. Scan the reviews for non-idiot-sounding patterns of criticism. Pick one
  4. It's bargain basement time. I checked a few sources and found a refurbished Coolermaster Elite 335 case for $29.99 plus shipping at the CM Store. Standard UPS ground will vary depending on zip code. When I plugged in the zip code for Scottsdale, AZ the shipping charge was only $13.53. When I plugged in the zip code for Philadelphia, PA the charge jumped up to 23.30. The warehouse must be in California. Hope you're close to their warehouse.

    Here's a link to the CM product page with photos and info:

    Nice photo with components installed:

    Note - It only comes with one 120mm fan mounted on the front panel. A second 120mm fan can be mounted on the rear panel.

    If shipping puts you over budget there's a Coolermaster Elite 331 for $20.99 plus shipping. As with the 335 it only comes with one case fan. You'd have to purchase a second fan.

    Here's a link to the refurbished cases at the Coolermaster web site:

    Wish you could afford a little more for the Coolermaster Centurion 590. It's an excellent general purpose case with very good ventilation, air flow, and cooling. I built six systems for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends using that case. It's the 690's little brother. Unfortunately it is a larger, heavier case and shipping will cost more.

    120mm case fans available too:
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