What is the best way to pack up and ship a CPU

What is the best way to pack up and ship a CPU if you don't have the original box.
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  1. Put it in an antistatic bag, wrap it in bubble wrap, then put it in a box.
  2. If it is a pin type, find a piece of styrofoam to stick the pins in so that they don't get bent.
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    If you actually have the packaging your got your CPU in originally that would be best to start off with. Of course if not then as prescott said you should stick the CPU pins in some styrofoam (carefully so you don't bend it yourself), or some kind of static free sponge (like the black stuff they use sometimes to ship OEP CPUs). Anyway make sure it's put in an antistatic bag and then you can wrap it with bubble wrap or just use some of the packaging penuts from your recent newegg order :D.
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