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my dvd /cd player burner stoped working it was and i got rid of some stuff and think maybe i got rid of the wrong thing how can i fix it or how can i find out how or what is really wrongit is a dell d600 latitude help please
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  1. does it still show up in my computer

    what did you get rid of hardware or software

    have you tried dvd's and cd's both
  2. Restart and log on your computer and enter your password, it if is set up to use one.
    Right click my computer. Left click properties. Left click the hardware tab. Left click the device manager control button. check to see if DVD/CD drive appears and has a yellow question mark next to it. If it does left double click it and see the explanation. If the DVD/CD drive does not appear, did you eject the drive, since it is removable and must be completely inserted itno the modular drive bay for Dell D600, which was sold by Dell about five years ago. If it inserted in the drive bay press the large release latch, so it pops out. Pull the drive out by the release latch. There may be a philips screw underneath that prevents the removal of the drive,if installed. Remove the screw if it is installed. Re-insert the drive until it clicks and press the release latch until it is flush with the computer. Check to see if the computer recognizes the drive. The drive itself, or there may be a motherboard issue. The Dell D600 had heat issues and defective battery issues. You can check with Dell for a spare dvd/cd drive. It may not be worth the expense to but it from Dell. If you go to google and search for Dell D600 DVD drive you can get one for less that $100.00
  3. Is there any red/yellow alert in your device manager? Feel free to visit DigitalSupportTech for getting help.
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