Motherboard/CPU suggestions

Curious been out of the hardware ciruit for a bit, curious what i should get.

Alright What i have

Zotac 8800 GTX 526 PCI-E
2gig dual channel OCZ 1150mhz
1 TB ( 2x 500 Gig ) Sata
Audigy ZS ( old but hey, better than bogging down mobo for sound. )

Had a EVGA 680I and a E6600 cpu. i believe the cpu is dead :( got a new 680i and still didnt work, doesnt post so not sure. ( Yes tried a new mobo power supply, changing ram, taking vid card out, the works cant get it to even post to tell me whats wrong )

back to what i want. I dont want to throw alot of money at this but i want a good durable mobo cpu. Im wanting to stay with lga 775 and ddr2. i know i7 and all but again money constraints. any suggestions?

i looked up a few reveiws on ones i thought would be good but see only mix matched reviews. Thanks.

evga, xfx, asus. Not looking for sli since my 8800 plays anything i want Call of duty, crisis, counter strik source anything really never had an issue. Thanks alot. overclock ablility would be nice, i have an aftermarket cooling system ( Huge copper tower with a 120mm fan on it :P with artci silver 5 so yea no issue. Thanks alot guys email is ill check here also :P wither way thanks :) I dont want a crappy board but i dont want to pay out my rear for it.
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  1. Frys has the e8400 with g41 asus board for $149 today only if you live near one of their stores. Or you can check the for sale forums for a quad core; q6600 is going as low as $120 used.
  2. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L - about $100 at newegg. Good overclocker. I am running a Q6600 at 3.6 GHz with it.
  3. Ive heard bad things about gigabyte..... but ill look it up :) thanks guys any other suggestions
  4. Bump%^
  5. MSI P43 Neo- USD 80
    C2Q Q8400-USD 160
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