XP sp3 won\'t detect 56K PCI Modem

This computer had a Conexant 56K modem card, it was recognized and working with WinXP. Then WinXP was upgraded to sp3, and I started having trouble getting the internet to work. Turns out the telephony service was set to off, so I changed it to auto. But still no connection. I uninstalled the Conexant modem card(and then reinstalled it after a reboot), and ever since that the computer won't recognize it. Instead it keeps recognizing something called PCI Simple Communications Controller, but puts it under the Other Devices category (in Device Manager), whereas the Conexant modem card was listed (by name) under the Modem category.

I uninstalled the PCI Simple Comm Controller and rebooted and it keeps getting recognized by New Hardware but since it can never find the correct drivers for it (no WinXP CD handy) it shows up in Device Manager with a yellow mark next to it. I've tried moving the Conexant modem card to a different PCI slot, and I've tried a Zoom modem card. Each time they are recognized as a PCI Simple Comm Controller and listed under Other Devices. When I change PCI slots, the change shows up in Properties for the PCI Simple Comm Controller (Slot1, Slot 2). That's how I know that the modem cards are being recognized as PCI Simple Comm Controller.

Don't know what to do next. Is it possible the WinXP sp3 doesn't work with old dialup 56k modem cards? Or is there a solution I'm missing.

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  1. Just download the drivers from conexant.

  2. sorry ravigarden, I have no idea what you are saying...


    download your xp sp3 driver own your download & intall it if not u found u install xp sp2 & install your at prejent driver in your modem
  3. The first thing I tried was getting drivers from Conexant. If you follow your link you'll see a page where they keep telling to download the drivers from the modem's "manufacturer"...somehow forgetting that they are the manufacturer. I downloaded what was available, but can't get the setup file to work (it shows up in Task Manager as a process, but nothing else happens). I've tried the downloaded driver setup file on two different computers, as well as drivers from a different source (CNET), but with no luck getting anything to work.

    In the meantime, the modem is still not being recognized as a Conexant modem. Are you saying that the correct drivers would force the computer to recognize the Conexant modem card?

    Hawkeye22 said:
    Just download the drivers from conexant.

  4. Depends on what you mean by "recognize". It's most likely listed under "other devices" with a yellow exclamation point in device manager. Device manager displays the name by looking at information provided in the driver and/or registry. Installing the correct driver will update the registry entry and will then show up in device manager using the new name provided. If it's the correct driver, it will also no longer be listed under "other devices" and will appear in the appropriate category.

    Have you tried scanning your hard drive for the drivers. It's possible they aren't under the windows folder, but in a completely different folder. In this case, you can manually go to the "add new hardware" in the control panel and when asked, click on "let me select driver". Sorry, can't remember how that button is worded, but it's the option that lets you choose where the driver is located instead of automatically scanning for one. Pick the driver's folder and go from there.
  5. By "recognize" I was thinking the computer would read the modem's identity from a chip on the modem card. And with that information, the OS could find a generic driver for it in it's driver repository. Then, whenever I installed the correct drivers, I assumed they would add features and upgrades that weren't in the generic drivers.

    What was throwing me off was that Add New Hardware also didn't seem to be finding the modem card. And when I tried to manually add it, instead of having a list of different modem manufacturers, there was only a "standard Modem" listed. I tried that but it never seemed to work. Also, originally there was a Conexant modem detected, and it's model number listed. After I uninstalled it and tried again, all I was getting was the Other Devices/PCI Simple Communications Controller.

    Anyway, I got the other modem card to work. When it was showing up under Other Devices/PCI Simple Comm Controller, I didn't have the telephone line plugged in. Once that was plugged in, even though there was no dialing sound, I saw an automatic update going through, so I tried my email and it was working. And so was my browser connection.

    Confusing things even more, when I had the original modem card out, the model number on it was different from the model number originally listed in Device Manager. Who knows what that means. but I found the driver(s) for the correct model number and someday I'll try the original card just to see if it is still working.

    Thanks for all the help...

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