How to install the temperature probes inside the case? NZXT LX fan.

hello all,
i just got the NZXT Sentry LX fan controller screen. its a wonderful product to keep monitoring the temperature of your pc. i was wondering if anybody can guide me on how to install the thermo probe on the cpu, gpu... etc. i can't find a decent one. i have a very expensive rigs and i really like to keep monitoring them. please anybody can provide help i would thankful
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  1. The box should of came with crappy yellow tape that barely sticks well. i replaced those with black electrical tape which worked better.

    for example, if you wanted to see how hot your ram is, tape temp 1 on the heatsink and if you have a ram fan, plug it into your fan 1. So fan 1 is temp 1.

    as for CPU, it uses a 4 pin to the mobo, but you can still tape your temp line to cpu heatsink. make sure its as close to the bottom as possible. On the temp line, there is a little black dot, that part is mainly where it checks for temperature.

    - i have a sentry 2 for my nzxt phantom.
  2. If yours didn't come with instructions, take it back and buy one that does. LOL
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