Better Cooling Gadget?

AMD Phenom X6 1100T at default setting
Corsair H50 Water Cooling
Idle Temperature: Low 24°c, High 28°c
XION Predator 970 Mid Tower Gaming Case

Budget: ≤$120

Not satisfied by the current CPU temperature. Looking for a better cooling device.

Suggestions? (Question one might ask: How low do i want the temperature? ≤15°c or lowest possible at the budget and size that will fit in my case. Another Question: Sound? Honestly i am not that concern about noise. As my current 120mm fans run at 2000RPM produced 31db noise didn't affect me much when i turn my music on.)

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  1. Nothing wrong with those temps.
    It's unrealistic to expect temps less then ambient room temp.
  2. Agree with Davcon. Those temps are pretty low.

    You could always use a beer fridge as a case.

    (sorry I cant suggest anything more productive).
  3. If u have extra money to waste on coolers.

  4. Thats the best I ever got I believe.
  5. The h50 isn't so hot as a cooler .... wait ... perhaps better said "isn't so cool" as a cooler :)

    But hard to tell w/o knowing your temps under load.

    If ya need better, best I've seen is the Thermalright Silver Arrow. If ya want something similar to the H50 .... almost identical to the H50 in fact, try the Antec Kuhler 620. Both are OEM'd by Asetek who also sells a model identical to the H50, but the design improvements that are unique to the 620 make one heckuva difference:

    620 was 7.2C better than H50 w/ stock fans
    620 was 9.4C better than H50 w/ Delta fans
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