Upgrading parts($500)

ok heres the deal, i plan to upgrade my computer with a budget of about Rs 25,000( thats about $500) i presently have a Pentium dual core processor 2.80 Ghz. and a 160 GB hardrive. the components i wanted to upgrade were-
motherboard, graphics card, PC case,teh RAM and the PSU( have to buy one)

The configuration i had decided upon was as follows-

Motherboard- Gigabyte EP43-DS3L, Intel P43
RAM- 2*2 GB Kingston DDR2 800 MHz
Graphics card- Zotac Geforce 9800GTX+ 512 MB
PC CAse- NZXT Alpha Black *3P*32
PSU- Cooler Master Extreme Power 500 W

i want to use the PC for gaming, and day to day uses such as word processing, movies internet etc.

will this motherboard support Pentium i7. and will these components work winth windows 7?coz i plan to soon upgrade.

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  1. That mainboard is not for i7.
  2. ok, so what do u think about the config? any suggestions? or a better mother board for the same price???
  3. ok, i7 is out of your price range, the only boards that support i7 ONLY support i7, heres what it would take for i7 (its going to be a lot more expensive since you need a new cpu as well for the i7)

    the build is not bad, but i would get a corsair 550w instead (better build, though a little more expensive)
    if a GTS250 is as expensive or cheaper get that instead of the 9800+ (same card, different name)
  4. If you can find a P45 chipset mainboard, it's better than P43 in case you upgrade to an e8400 and overclock it to 3.6 Ghz.
  5. And if you can find DDR2 1066 RAM, get those instead of 800 as it will be easier to overclock past 1600 fsb.
  6. Switch your ram from Kingston to Corsair is my advice.

    I7 is out of your range financially.

    As hundredislands said, get a p45, much more stable for some serious overclocks on the cpu.
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