Control panel hangs when enabling SLI

I just got my brand new gaming rig all good to go, and almost everything is working great. I have Vista Ultimate x64 installed and running. I installed the NVIDIA drivers for my two GTX 275's, that are connected with an SLI cable. I go to the NVIDIA Control Panel I go to the "Set SLI and PhysX configuration," then I click the "Enable SLI (recommended) button." When I click apply it comes up with a message box saying it needs to close some programs to complete the process. If I click yes, the NVIDIA Control Panel immediately locks up. I can do other things on the computer, like open this Internet browser, and nothing is slow. However, the NIVIDA Control Panel completely freezes. I can't even drag the window around the screen.
I've heard this process can take a few minutes, but I just let it go for like 10 minutes and it's hasn't seemed to have made any progress. Is it possible that it would take this long or is there a problem?
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  1. Yes it can take a few minutes but not ten, I don't use Vista64 on my SLi rig as my best friend has had nothing but problems when he uses it on his (identical setups), not enough power can also be a cause (watts & amps).
  2. The requirement for the video card is 40 amps on the 12v rail. Would that mean two in SLI mode would need 80 amps on the 12v rail? My power supply has a single 12v rail with 70 amps on it.

    EDIT: I just ended the program with the task manager and that apparently effected my drivers. I restarted my computer, reinstalled the drivers, went to the control panel and enabled SLI. In about a minute, if even that, the scren flickered a few times and then it said SLI was enabled. Huh... strange.
  3. I have found that the driver needs to be installed which is followed by an enforced reboot then enable SLi and reboot again, it's not always the same for everyone but if you are now in SLi mode then happy days.
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