XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 worth it?

Hello all,

I am almost dead set on getting the RS240 kit in the next few months. However, I am very new when it comes to water cooling and I have a few questions:

How good is the pump? As far as I know it is the X2O 750 pump/res. It pumps at 540 Lph (9 Lpm).
How good is the radiator (RS240)?
What is "pressure drop vs flow rate"?
How upgradeable is the kit? Can i just add another rad in the future?
Are Cooler Master SickleFlow Fans good enough for rad? (I will most definitely not use the stock fans on the rad)

How much better is the RS420 over the H70 and high end air cooling?

Is it really worth it? Or is there another kit I should go for? My budget is $150. Bear in mind that I only want a 120mm x2 radiator.

Thanks for reading and I thank you in advance...

And yes Rubix, I did read the sticky ;)
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  1. Hey cromedome, if you are looking for overall "worth" it depends on how much you need intense cooling or what your other needs or wants are.

    Any custom watercooling loop can be upgraded with another rad as long as you have somewhere to put it.

    The RS240 kit is certainly sufficient in cooling most CPU's. One thing i may recommend is to go with the RX 240, as that rad has much better performance in cooling when compared to the RS240.


    It is slightly more than the RS kit, but will definitely be worth the upgrade in regards to performance. Another thing you may want to consider if room is not an issue is going with a push/pull setup with your coolermaster sickleflow fans and the fans that come with the kit.
  2. Yea, I am mainly looking at water cooling as a hobby and obviously to cool my i5 @ 4.0GHz.

    That's just the thing, space is an issue and the RS is quite a bit smaller than the RX rad. I will most likely have to mount the rad outside of the case until I get a new one. I suppose if the rad is outside the case it doesn't matter if I go for the RS or RX.

    I don't think I will do a push/pull config, It takes up to much space and in my personal opinion it does not look to great. And looks are important when you spend a lot of money on hardware.

    I read a few reviews on the RS240 and I think I will definitely go with it. Then add another RS240 rad in the near future after I get a new case.

    I am mainly concerned with regards to upgrading the rad, or adding another. Is it okay if I add just any rad into the loop or do I have to add a specific rad that is compatible with the rest of the loop?

    Thanks again.
  3. Ok...let's see if I can help address some questions:

    How good is the pump?

    It's a pretty solid pump. Some have had a few issues with the impeller and have gotten a replacement from XSPC within a few days...some even getting to keep the original. This was due to a molding imperfection in the impellers from older stock...they have apparently corrected this in current production.

    How good is the radiator (RS240)?

    It's pretty good...it would fall in a linear path from the RS360 reviews that Skinnee has done. It's about on par with Swiftech's MCR220 and others.

    What is "pressure drop vs flow rate"?

    This refers to restriction and head pressure of a pump in a given loop with specific watercooling components like blocks and radiators. Head pressure of a pump is pretty much the same concept as CFM+static pressure of case fans; in a 0% restriction environment, that is the advertised rating...those curves show how well components allow flow with a given pump in a given setup environment. CPU blocks are moderately restrictive (often the most in a single loop), GPU blocks are less restrictive than CPU blocks and radiators are the least restrictive (outside of a reservoir, tubing, etc).

    How upgradeable is the kit? Can i just add another rad in the future?
    Are Cooler Master SickleFlow Fans good enough for rad? (I will most definitely not use the stock fans on the rad)

    How much better is the RS420 over the H70 and high end air cooling?

    I have a few links in the sticky that look at this, but to compare the Rasa vs. H70, you can either Google comparisons (I need to find a good one to add) or you can look at the temps @load on both. Let's put it this way: the H70 performs about as well as many good air coolers, the Rasa kit does considerably better than good air. Much of it depends on your CPU and clock speeds as well as ambient room temps, fans used and rad inside/outside the case...and case airflow if mounted inside.

    Is it really worth it? Or is there another kit I should go for? My budget is $150. Bear in mind that I only want a 120mm x2 radiator.

    To many, its very worth it. On OCN forums, there is an entire group of people in the 'Rasa Owners Club'...go ask them. :) It's a good step into the watercooling world and has the ability to handle a GPU block and extra radiator if you wanted to go that route.

    And yes Rubix, I did read the sticky

    Whew...finally people are checking out the posted stickies before asking stuff. :) That helps you a lot to get a feel of what needs to be considered.


    Is it okay if I add just any rad into the loop or do I have to add a specific rad that is compatible with the rest of the loop?

    You can add any brand rad, any size you want...just make sure its copper/brass (which almost all are these days).

    XSPC RX rads are better performing than the RS series...if you can afford them and have the room...this is the better choice. But, it is preference to mounting and fans used...but the Rasa kits come with fans that will work fine, unless you want to get other fans or run push/pull (which you don't seem to like). Push/pull can net you a decent drop in temps depending on rads used, fans used, and flowrate of the loop.
  4. Wow, many thanks for the long reply! :)

    As i said in my above post I am most definitely going to buy it, I just needed someone to assure me that it is a good choice.

    Last night I went through the "Rasa Owners Club" thread and that actually pushed me into wanting water inside my pc.

    Is it okay to buy the Rasa RS240 kit for $130 and a smaller 120mm rad to go with it or just get another 120mm x2 rad with it? The price difference isn't too big.






  5. As rubix and others have said many times... (to myself included)... unless you have some very high CFM fans that can push a lot of air, you may want to stay away from the black ice stealth rads as they have a very high FPI... about 30FPI as compared to other rads 8-12 or so...

    any xspc or switftech rads may be the way to go if you want an additional rad.

    If you are doing an external mount, although you seem pretty set on 240's, you may want to consider a 3x120mm rad, it will be cheaper than going with two seperate rads.
  6. Ah, thanks for tip on the Black Ice Stealth rad.

    The reason that I want 240 rads is that once I get a bigger case I would like to mount them on the inside of the case and most cases can't fit a 360 rad.

    However, there is still quite some time before I purchase my parts and things may pan out differently then. If it is possible in the future I would rather have the RS360 over the RS240 and an addition rad.
  7. RX360 would perform about as well or even better than 2 RS240's.

    BIX rads...I seriously wish FrozenCPU would carry more than just BIX rads. Everyone posts links to them...and while they work well when you have the right fans, there are equally good rads for less price that require less-obnoxious fans.

    Dear FrozenCPU-
    Please carry Swiftech, XSPC, Thermochill, EK, Feser and Magicool rads. I know you carry some of these, but not all model lines and not all in all sizes.

    Your pal, Rubix.
  8. @ OP RS series RAD's are old and can be easily outperformed by todays RAD's
    I never recommend RS, if you going to get RASA kit get RX based kit
    @ 10 Delta /1400RPM 360RAD
    RS 345 W heat load
    RX 470 W heat load (watts)
  9. Interesting post ortoklaz. I would opt for the RX rad but it is a lot more pricey and I don't feel like forking out the extra dough.

    In the future, I could easily just add an RX rad into the loop and then put my gpu(s) into the loop too.

    The RS240 rad should be just fine considering I only want my i5 on it at the moment.
  10. yep, you will be OK as long as you won't add more heat load (GPU,etc)/OC,the location of the RAD is important and good fans are always +
  11. Many thanks for all the help Rubix, ortoklaz and orange juice...
  12. Hey crome the loop you are looking at is not bad for the money. I have the 240 and have my i7 oc to 4.5 and temp at idle are in the low 30s full load is mid 50s. I kinda wish I would have went with the 360 rad just for more cooling but I might add another 240 rad later.
  13. You are making the right decision, cromedome.

    I recently (last week) started pumping water through my computer too, though I chose the EK-KIT H3O - Supreme HF 360 kit for my rig. Prime95 load temps on my overclocked 2500K decreased by 15-20ºC, and I'm feeding my CPU more voltage than I really should. With a 240 radiator, your temp decrease probably won't be as dramatic but it should be fairly close. I won't be expanding my loop any time soon -- the GPU and other stuff will remain air-cooled.
  14. Nice overclock christop and nice temp decrease leaps-from-shadows.

    Hopefully I will have my stuff in a month or two, I can't wait.
  15. I am liking these discussions...now that we have the new forum, we seem to have a place to call home and the usual folks are able to easily get help to those that need it.
  16. I am enjoying the new water cooling forum. I am learning lots everyday.
  17. rubix_1011 said:
    I am liking these discussions...now that we have the new forum, we seem to have a place to call home and the usual folks are able to easily get help to those that need it.

    Yeah ... good job getting it done, rubix. My computer wouldn't be waterlogged right now if you hadn't.
  18. It wasn't really for my benefit at all...I simply was tired of trying to fish valid watercooling threads out of the meaningless posts of repetitive 'tell me what to get because I'm too lazy to search on the other 100 threads about this exact same cooler' types of threads.

    1. This has given us the space to devote to water and liquid cooling solutions.
    2. We have a dedicated sticky (or more once they are written up)
    3. We have a very strong following of people that are sticking around and helping to maintain knowledge and providing great info to new people. (we really had very little of this before)
    4. We seem to have some very dedicated regulars; this is a big plus when there used to only be a couple of people that even posted on WC threads.
    5. We don't get uninformed users posting information that is conflicting to valid information that should otherwise be given.

    I'm only here to help. I don't know it all and have never claimed to. The fact is, there are 100's of people out there with more intricate knowledge about every facet of watercooling. I have a real career; watercooling is a hobby I am passionate about and make every attempt to follow closely (when time allows). I will make every effort I can to answer questions to the best of my ability; all others I make the best attempt to point them in a good direction.
  19. Oh I have another question, if I decide to fork out a little more money should I go with the RS360 or RX240? Which would is the better performing rad? I understand the RX rads are quite a bit better than the RS rads but considering the fact that the RS360 is longer than the RX240 I am unsure as to which one I should get. The RS360 is $150 and the RX240 is $170.


  20. If I were to get an XSPC rad, I'd only stick to the RX series. The RS is still good, but the RX is able to dissipate more heat watts per 120mm fan unit. However, when it comes to radiators, real estate wins. Regardless that the RX240 is thicker than the RS360, the 360 still has more surface area and can dissipate more heat. You could close the gap with some 2000+ RPM fans on the RX240 and some 1600RPM fans on the RS360.

    If it comes down to price and those are your choices, the RS360 will ultimately perform better. If you have the cash for an RX360, that would be your clear choice. However, other factors come into play, such as if you are wanting it only internally mounted (where the RX240 might be a better choice) or if you wanted to run push/pull and didn't care about space...either would be an excellent choice. It also depends on your plans for any additional loop components in the future...there are many factors to think about when deciding on rads to use and how you plan to use them.
  21. Thanks for that rubix. I still have a lot of time before I buy the XSPC kit and therefore I can think about all the influencing factors and maybe make a better educated decision on which rad to get.
  22. Yeah, give yourself time to evaluate what you are wanting to do in the short and long term. I think you'd be happy either way, but if you are planning to add a GPU later, the 360 kits give you a little more room to work with...there are a lot of folks that run both the RX360 and RS360 with a CPU+GPU in the loop on that one rad. I'd recommend some 2000 RPM fans if you plan on doing that...or running some med-speed fans in push pull. You could make either of those work well before adding another rad if you wanted.
  23. I have 2x Cooler Master SickleFlow fans on my Hyper 212 Plus at the moment. They are rated at 2000rpm and are silet, 19 db.

    In the short term I will have to mount the rad on the outside of my case because I wont be able to fit a 240 rad on the inside. However, I will have to make a decision on whether or not I want to keep them on the outside or buy a new case and mount on the inside.
  24. I have the same fans (2000RPM CM sickeflow) and they work great on an RX360, which would be very similar to an RX240 or an RS 360... they are quiet and they push about 70 CFM which is quite good for a low db fan... they do slow down when you put them on the rad but its nothing too substantial.
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