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My computer display was working just fine for my TV input. When I uninstalled a Java Development Kit, the display became awry and can't work at full display. If anybody knows what could have gone wrong, please help.

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  1. I think you uninstalled that and did something else, or something happened at the same time. Just uninstalling the software would not touch the display settings.

    Check the resolution on the display in Windows make sure it's set to the native resoltuion of the TV.
  2. Thanks a lot hang-the 9. My problem doesnt seem to go away. Heres what happened: I was still uninstalling the kit when I was prompted to allow for a 'restart'. I did so although I felt that was unusual. Once the computer restatrted the icons on my desktop were larger and faded. I thought this was a problem involving display settings and reset the display. The icons were okey. Once I switched on my TV it couldnt work properly, whatever I did. It still doesn't function properly to date. Thanks again.
  3. What's the exact issue? It's hard to find what could be wrong without details about what is happening. Did you set the resolution and color depth on the TV display properties?
  4. I am using a TV card. Usually when the TV is on there should be no interference whenever I open a document say word, excel or other. But there is always an interference. Further, my Tv comes as s small window display. Whenever I change to full screen view, the picture and sound become jerky and unclear. I did reset the display settings but nothing is forthcoming. Thanks hang-the-9 for looking into my problem. My TV card is of type HONESTECH-2.5. Thanks again.
  5. Try re-installing the video card drivers, and also the TV tuner drivers.
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