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Im running real temp and speed fan to check cpu temps when running prime 95 and they are giving me different temps. Real temp will tell me that it is 80c and speed fan will tell me 71? Which one should i believe and is that too hot for an i7 running prime 95 at 99% load on all cores with stock cooler?
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  1. Unless SpeedFan is calibrated (see Temp guide by CompuTronix.) Go with the RealTemp readings.

    80C is OK for an i7, but it's a bit too hot for my liking. Get a CoreContact Freezer or S1283. Make sure you get the i7 brackets.
  2. As Shadow said, believe RealTemp, and your temps are about what you should expect.

    Prime95 will drive your cpu harder than anything else will, so that's your margin there.

    However, once you are also throwing heat off a graphics card in a 3D game, things can get a little toasty inside (driving up your CPU temps) unless your CASE has good airflow to get the hot air out.
  3. i just got the antec 1200 so i should be okay
  4. Me, I simply will not tolerate any temps over 70C. Yes, 80C at fully Prime95 may be *ok*, but its still much for me...
  5. If you have installed the stock Intel HSF,
    then read and heed this warning:


    There is a very cost-effective fix here:


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