Why does my computer make beeping noise when i install memory

i just install a memory and computer just start beeping. I then took it out and pu the original one in, no graphic is coming up and it continues to beep. please help is a compaq pressario sr1103nx
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  1. One of two things might be happening.

    1) Both memory chips are bad.

    2) Your motherboard has gone the way of the dodo.

    I lean towards #2 as you had put in the original RAM stick and it didn't do anything.
  2. Put 1 stick of memory in, then remove the on board battery, and move the CMOS jumper pin to reset the BIOS. If you can boot up run it for 10 minutes and then add another stick of memory. Make sure you are mounting them in the proper slots.
    If this doesn't work you probably wiped your EEPROM chip. You may want to go here for information on a new chip http://www.biosman.com/
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