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Hi, I purchased the modestly OC'd (820MHz) version of the MSI 560 ti a week ago or so, just got it today, and am overclocking, or at least trying to. I can get it to about 950MHz on stock voltage, but to get to 970MHz I have to up the voltage to 1.037 volts and turn the fan to 100%. My only problem is heat, it seems. I have been stability testing this with Furmark 1.9 I believe, with dynamic background, burn in, Xtreme burn in, and post processing enabled, and I can never seem to get stability with my card. the temps will jump up to 86 degrees C and the card shuts down and I have to force shut down, after my mobo's beep code tells me that there is no VGA connected. I thought that the Twin Frozrs were good OC cards, yet I cannot seem to even get to 970 without heat problems. My case should be no matter either, I have a HAF 932 with the 230mm side fan blowing right at the card. Am I doing something wrong? how did the people get to 1GHz+ clocks with no problems?

I'm beginning to wonder if the power supply could be causing any problems, it is a 700 watt XION brand. could the no name brand not be supplying enough amperage to my card, causing the shutdowns?

My computer specs, just in case:

2600k with stock cooler(NH-D14 in the mail)
ASUS Sabertooth p67
8gb (4x2Gb) Corsair XMS3 1600MHz RAM
MSI GTX560 ti Twin Frozr II (the 820MHz version)
Mushkin Callisto 120Gb SSD
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    Where's the RAM? You mean 880 mhz? 822 is the reference core clock.

    Those temperatures are too high. At 940 core my card is stable with no voltage or fan adjustment, and never gets above 60 C playing games, 68 C burn in. Don't know why the PSU would cause those temps, or not provide enough power.

    For what it's worth I can't seem to find stability in games beyond 980mhz. 1.02 ghz is stable at 1.15 volts during furmark and kombuster. Fan is at 92% and temperature is maxed at 81... games will lock and crash though.

    Some buzz going around that the drivers aren't up to par, however, it is possible you have an unlucky oc'er.

    Only way is to test it in another system with better PSU.
  2. I'm not even bothering to oc the ram until I get my core clocks up....and I found something else too...i have my core at 1020, voltage at 1.125, and when I xtreme burn in I'm furmark, I hit 87°+ and I crash the system. However, I can run crysis 2, black ops, and kombustor at those very same speeds and they have no problem. Is furmark possibly just an unrealistic stability tester?
  3. Where's the fan speed during furmark? The Kombustor and furmark burn ins are (from what i gather) pretty much the same thing... so don't know the deal with that.

    Nothing's going to stress or heat up a gpu as much as a "burn in" test, let alone a prolonged burn in test. If your games are stable for at least an hour and your temps are under 75... sounds like a good deal to me. The RAM clock is gonna be tricky though. I think that's why I can't find stability.
  4. Well...the fan just broke on it, one of the fins came clean off! Looks like I'll have a second chance to oc it! Newegg will replace it, right? Lol
  5. LOL! Drag.

    I dunno. Technically speaking it should be able to spin at 100% for at least... you know, 2 months... so they should replace it. Check that warranty.

    Was the fan at 100? What happened?!
  6. Well, it was spinning at like 75%, which, mind you, is still like 4000 rpm... It must have just been badly made, out of balance or something! Anyways, I think it caught the edge of the metal circle around it, and the speed caused one of the blades to come clean off! I tried fixing it, but that fan is destroyed... I had to revert to my xfx 5770, which I was surprised to find was many times quieter than the 560! But yeah, that's not the point. I'll call newegg when they open in an hour, I'll update after!
  7. So are they gonna replace it? Possible the fan was defective which would account for the high temps.

    Just put my card at 992 core, 2175 mem clock at 1.10 volts. Games don't get above 66 degrees at auto fan, and kombustor burn-in is around 74 at 70% fan speed.

    Don't want to go to 1.15 volts because I would have to increase the fan speed manually, making it always loud, and don't want to ruin life of the card. Can try something around there with the new card. Use the Afterburner Kombustor stability test... regular furmark makes my card get at least 6 degrees C hotter for some reason.
  8. All right guys, here's the deal: I sent the card back to Newegg for a full refund, instead of a replacement. The GTX 560 Hawk edition by MSI came out about a week ago, so I am going to give that a try. It was 15 dollars more expensive, but it has a stock clock of 950MHz, which will get me already most of the way to the 1GHz clock that I want to get to. In addition, the Hawk edition uses a custom PCB, which could possibly aid in overclocking stability. What appealed to me most though was that it implements the Twin Frozr III as the GPU cooler, as opposed to the Twin Frozr II. We shall see how the MSI's next generation of cooler! This will be interesting to see how temps, speed, etc. compare! Should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday next week, but I have a Noctua NH-D14 installation and some cable management to keep me going until then!
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  10. All right, now everything is settled in and good to go, I am almost happy, and do I have a story to tell! I had decided to replace my Twin Frozr II with the Hawk edition 560, which employs the twin frozr III as well as memory, core, and PLL overvoltage control. I honestly couldn't expect more from this card, it exceeds all my expectations! I have it currently running at 1040MHz on the core, which is a....modest...218MHz overclock from the reference card, and a 90MHz overclock on the 950 stock speed the Hawk came with. Note though that I have increased the voltage in Afterburner by 31mV, and have so far had very few problems. In Kombustor, it runs at 64C with the fans around 64% speed as well. Anyways, when I had originally gotten it, i did a load test on my system with OCCT, and it killed the power supply, so I now have a Corsair 750HX modular PSU running my system now, a HUGE improvement over the 700w Xion P.O.S. power supply :fou: . Now all I have to get is a new SSD because i get random corrupted files on it, and my system should be up-to-date and stable for a long time, I hope!
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