What is the most power CPU that my GA-X38T-DQ6 LGA 775 will run?

Just as the title states please. I have a Over clocked Core 2 Quad core processor running at 3.2 GHZ, some nice DDR3, an 8800 GT yadda yadda, I've had this for about a year and a half now somewhere therebouts.

The computer is fine, but I'm looking to eliminate the hiccups in my higher end games so I can run them at 60fps. I don't play anything higher than 1280x1024, so I'm not sure if I have a video card issue, or more so the cpu?

I'd like to continue running my XP Pro so I'd prefer to forget about 64bit.
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  1. Are you asking how high you can overclock a chip? Or how much power to give it? Or what is the fastest chip you can put in the board?

    8800gt is kinda old. A 4850 is around $100...I would look into that.
  2. Yes, the 880GT is a bit old. At 3.2GHz, maybe a GTX285 (16,462) or HD4890 (17,255)?

    The HD4850 is a little bit better, but certainly a more modern replacement for the 8800GT. Tom's 3DMark06 benchmarks show the following:

    8800GT 11,109
    HD4850 11,749

    My own benchmarks PII X4 940 @ 3.5GHz indicate 13,208 for a single HD4850 and 18,494 for Crossfire.

    If your 8800GT went belly-up today (ie died) then the HD4850 would be a good replacement.
  3. Actually, I was really trying to figure out where my graphic bottleneck lies.
    I wanted to know what the fastest CPU that would work my my MOBO. If you happen to know what the best video card for me is, I would be happy to entertain it as well. Overclocking is good, but I usually don't like to go more than 25%, so I just wanted to know what the best CPU out there is for an LGA775, thank you in advance.
  4. that cpu is a beast, get an hd4890
  5. Nettik,

    The fastest socket 775 chip that I could find available right now was the Q9650
  6. your current cpu is fine. there should be no cpu bottleneck.. you need to get at least 2 good video cards to have a cpu bottleneck for 90% of games.
  7. Fastest CPU for LGA775 is Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9770 running at 3.20Ghz. With some overclocking it will reach a speed of 4.3Ghz
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