Best Case for Airflow under $125 ???

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  1. The Coolermaster HAF 932 has excellent ventilation, air flow, and cooling capacity. Technical reviews are extremely favorable.

    The case is on sale at for $139.99 which at first appears to be $14.99 over your budget. However, shipping is free right now:

    Most of the cases in your list do not include free shipping. Those large cases are heavy and shipping will definitely cost more than $14.99 to ship.
  2. go with the haf 922 if you dont have a problem with dust. it has literally no filters on it so the dust will be bad. the thermaltake competes with the haf but not too much. i would go with the 922 but clean your case regularly to keep from overheting and you will be fine. It looks bad a** in red also.
  3. Good point about the shipping. I guess that makes the 932 an option.
  4. If you are in the USA, then check sale prices this coming Labor Day weekend. There may be some real bargains.
  5. I forgot all about Labor day. I'll wait out of curiosity.
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