What is wrong with my G92 PNY 8800GT

I've had this GPU(G92 PNY 8800GT) for 1.5 years already and I've never experienced problems like that with any previous GPU's what I've had.

When I'm playing some game, then at some point it has started to artifact in every game out of nowhere. Then suddenly it freezes and it wouldn't move on. I tried to ctrl alt del and I tried to press start button from my keyboard to get in desktop but it wont work. I just had to reboot it. I installed latest drivers, I even ran NOD32 to see if I maybe have some virus but nope. I installed EVEREST to see my GPU temp and on idle my GPU temp is 63C etc but when I'm playing and GPU is on load then it goes up to 80C+. Maybe that is the problem? So yesterday I opened my case and I tried to clean my GPU from the dust and but it wont help. It doesn't get enough air and it goes hot? But how come it happens suddenly? I've have it 1.5 years and same vents/coolers and *** and I never haven't experienced something like this. Today when I woke up, i left my computer opened for a night, and when I woke up I saw again some weird artifacts on my screen, even tho i wasn't in game but it was on the desktop and it looks like it crashed while I was sleeping.


This isn't funny :thumbsdown: ... ArmA2 comes out this week and AA3 comes out today and now I can't play it.

My whole rig:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz
GPU: PNY G92 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3
RAM: OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Fatal1ty Edition 4GB
PSP: SeaSonic M12II SS-500GM ATX12V 2.2 /EPS12V 2.91 500W
MOB: GIGABYTE GA-X38-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel
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  1. Those screenshots say it's tme for a new videocard. As a last resort, you can try to underclock the card to see if it helps. Those artifacts on the 2D screen are IMO signs of a dying RAMDAC.
  2. If the HSF is clagged up with dust and crud and has never been cleaned out then leaving the card to cook itself overnight would most likely finish it off.
  3. yeah those temps are quite the limit, 80C is where you usually start getting artifacts.... make sure that there is a fresh air intake on your case, that should help.

    PS keep a window open if it gets warm in your room. warm air does not take up as much heat as cold air! good luck...

    as what mousemonkey said, i suggest CAREFULLY dissasebling the cards cooler and cleaning it off, just make sure that when you put it back on that you have heat sink paste between the GPU and the cooler.
  4. Typical Nvidia overheat issue.
  5. .Lol I have one desktop fan, small one and I put it inside my case and I aimed it directly on the GPU. Right now it is 55C, before it was 65-64. But I tried to play AA3 and it crashed after 5 minutes. Started hanging and didn't let me to go on the desktop. But now after crash my screen resolution is 1280x1024 and that is the maximum what I can have according to Display Properties... ***? And everything what I drag (Folders, Windows) are lagging etc shi*... Also when I restarted my computer when it crashed I saw those dot artificats ( http://i43.tinypic.com/5dwlzd.jpg ) on my Windows Loading screen... I think that it is time for a new GPU :(. Total unluck damn, 2 my favorite games are coming out this week... F'ck.
  6. daship said:
    Typical Nvidia ATi like overheat issue.
  7. Looks like GPU death to me. Like previously stated you can try to underclock it and clean it out for now, but it's probably pretty damaged.
  8. But what about my screen resolution? After last freezing when I had to restart it my screen resolution was 1280x1024 and from Properties-Settings, it is the maximum what it lets me to have but I should have 1680 x 1050 and it isn't there.... I also tried some older drivers besides newer ones and still nothing. I still get some artifacts even on Windows load up screen and on my desktop.. Underclock?

    Right now I want to get my screen resolution back to normal. It looks like fcking Windows 95 for me when using 1280x1024 with big screen lol...
  9. Have you actually physically looked at or checked the card in any way, form or fashion?
  10. Yeah. I just took it apart, cleaned the dust and put some new Arctic Silver 5 on. Now how the hell I can get my resolution fixed? Tried some old drivers and nothing. Tried the newest ones, nothing. After last crash my resolution went automatically on 1280x1024 and now it is the largest what it lets me to have... I wanna put normal resolution on to test if it works now.
  11. If the native resolution won't set and cannot be forced it may be because the card is irreversibly damaged in which case replacement is the only option.
  12. Interesting. I installed ATITool to underclock my GPU and scan for artifacts. When I pressed "scan for artifacts" then ATITool told me that http://i43.tinypic.com/2cz2d1g.jpg

    My computer isnt even detecting my GPU? But I took it apart yesterday and I put it back together 100% correctly and shi*...
    I also tried to install new DirectX9 drivers/update and thought maybe that will help me but no.
  13. absolutely no offense here but if it *sort of* worked (or at least was recognized by the computer) before you took the card apart then maybe it was accidentally put back together wrong...

    i would put the drivers that were on it and were functional back on

    pull the card apart again, scan it to see if it looks like there may be any heat damage

    check the inside of the case to make sure it's clean (no dust in the card slot)

    put everything back together and try again

    sounds like it may be a good time to upgrade... =/

    Dear daship,

    Your contribution to this thread and this guys problem is amazing, i'm sure the thread owner truly appreciates your feedback in a time where obviously criticism would be well handled.

    ATI and Nvidia can both have or not have overheating issues. When it comes to BOTH brands you need to check the particular card in mind, the brand, and the cooler than the brand is using.

    Kind regards,

    Someone who wouldn't care wtf the brand is as long as it does its job
  14. Uhm. Maybe you should read carefully. It didn't worked before I took it apart. It just randomly started BS'ing. Then I took it apart and cleaned it and put new Arctic Silver 5 on but nothing. I were trying to underclock it with ATITool but ATITool says that it cannot find my GPU...
  15. It worse than that, it's dead Jim.
  16. AS5 will only help to resolve an overheating issue. If the hardware has already been damaged, AS5 will not help. If you have another system or a friend wants to check the card for you in their system, that will confirm if the card is dead.
  17. After 1.5 years, I guess it should still be under warranty. (Unless they can spot that you took it appart...) Try sending it back to the store.

    Ussually, those kind of artifacts are from the card's memory being clocked to high and/or being to hot and/or the memory chips going bad.

    I have a Palit 8800GT G92, and I can tell you that the temperatures are mostly the same as yours: ~60C idle, 80-90C in games; it even reached 100C in a burn-in test (ran for 30 minutes). All this with no throtling or artifacting.
  18. That's why i said, "but if it *sort of* worked (or at least was recognized by the computer)"

    randomly BSing and having artifacts is at least *somewhat working* instead of completely not being recognized by the computer.

    Still, good luck
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