Symptoms of Dying / Weak CPU ?

Does anyone please have any experience on what the symptoms of a dying or weak CPU are?
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  1. yeah... generally you need more voltage to run the cpu at a certain voltage.

    ie: 3.4 gighz was stable for a year then a year later you need to bump up voltage, constantly upping the voltage to keep it stable until it no longer works at that frequency.
  2. my original psu died with a strange sign, it burned the keyboard. Then proceed to motherboard and finally it burned itself out.

    Usually computer turning off unexpectedly, or during high loads.
  3. Check your psu cpu's either work or they do not,,once in a while they go weird,but not usually,there would be too many lawsuits..:)
  4. Thanks peeps, your experiences are very, very much appreciated.
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