Aerocool Cool-panel2: issues with temperature sensors and fans

I bought a second hand Aerocool Coolpanel2 on ebay and am having some problems with it. The manual that came with this thing is far from detailed. The aerocool website does not support any further information.

There are four temperature sensors on the back of the panel. How do I best attach these? They currently are not attached to anything.
I did try to tape two of them on my graphics card, resulting in a temperature reading of '00' (while my PC was turned on at the moment).
At one moment the four sensors were close to my case (not inside) and, curiously, the LCD panel suddenly lit up red, and the buzzer sounded. i.e. (I think) temperatures were too high, which is impossible because the sensors were outside of the case (room temperature is normal). This happened a few times and would go on for half a minute.

How do I best attach one of the sensors (next) to my CPU?

The buzzer was awfully loud when it sounded. Can the sound be turned lower?

The buzzer sounds each time I turn on my computer. How do I make the panel stop doing that?

I also have a problem trying to control the speed of one my fans. I have one really fast and loud 90mm fan in the back of my case. I don't want it to work at full speed all the time (only when gaming).

I can lower the speed of my cpu fan but, curiously, I can't change the speed of the loud case fan.

That is strange, seeing as the case fan wasn't that loud (nor fast) when I first put it in (I received both the Coolpanel and the fast 90mm fan in the mail yesterday). The case fan has been loud only since I executed prime95 (a stress test application) for testing purposes earlier today.

According to the manual, you can control a fan's speed by changing its voltage. That's exactly what I tried for both the cpu and case fans. So far, it has only worked for the cpu fan.

Both fans have three wires. The only difference I see between the two fans is that the cpu fan has one yellow cable, while the case fan has one blue cable (both also have one black and one red cable).
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  1. Sounds like the CoolPanel is defective. Is it possible to return it to the seller?

    I would rather recommend using software to monitor temps and stuff. However, if you want a fan controller I would suggest buying a cheap one off Newegg or FrozenCPU. I prefer to stay away from second hand computer parts as sometimes in the beginning the product performs fine but later develops problems and there you sit, with no warranty or anything. I once bought a second hand power supple that broke after 2 days and the seller refused to refund me.

    I must say that the experiences I have had with AeroCool are shocking. The products are poorly designed and in the future I will definitely stay away from them.
  2. Sorry for getting back at this thread so late.

    I don't know whether the panel is defective. I did get it to accept USB connections and SD cards, so there's a chance I'm just doing something wrong. The seller didn't offer a DOA warranty btw.

    I mailed Aerocool Support last week, have been waiting for a reply, but none received so far. I'll mail them again.

    None of my questions has been solved yet. Any suggestions?

    The two questions I'd especially like to see solved are 1/2 and 5.

    How do I best attach the temperature sensors to my GPU, CPU and mobo?

    How can I control the loud case fan? It has one blue cable, if that's any help.
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