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Hi guys I thinking of building a desktop but I have this question you see where i live there are frequent power outages like 3-4 in a day! So does this affect the computer when it is suddenly switched off?
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  1. Oh yes, it damages your computer a great deal. I am not kidding, it is really bad for it. Just get a nice poweful UPS for it.
  2. Those are really expensive. Can I have something like a battery in my desktop like the laptops? I got this idea when there is a power outage it would switch to a Intel Atom and back to my my main processor. Can it be done
  3. No MB would support that type of action, atleast not to my knowledge (having different types of processors/sockets). If your looking to do some sort of a battery type thing for your desktop a UPS is exactly that. Even though their expensive this is pretty much what you would need to do what your asking. If your getting such frequent power outages that also mean your probally getting a lot of brownouts and surges. I would heavly recommend your computer being on a UPS in the first place. Having a UPS is never a bad thing.
  4. 2 of my rigs fried! Damn
  5. you can get a ups for under $50

    in your situation there is no reason not to have one
  6. it's cheaper in the long run to buy one now than replacing rig after rig. You've cleary identfied the problem, so attack the problem instead of accepting it!
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