Celeron 1.7GHz based PC - slowed - Request advice

I have an old PC with the configuration
- Celeron 1.7 GHz with 128 kB cache
- 128 MB RAM
- intel D845GVAD2 mother board
- 40 GB HDD
- windows XP

After Avira anti virus SW is loaded, it has become very slow.

My applications are

- internet
- MS office
- Audio and video playback

Kindly advise, if upgradation of RAM is going to help meet my requirement.

Or is it a must that i buy a new PC ?
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  1. dude your cpu is ancient... lol. upgrade asap. celerons at that frequency can be compared to ~ 1.0 pentium.
  2. was it running fine for what you use it for before adding antivirus? If so, and it works for what you need it too then just add 512MB of ram and you should be back to running how it used to. Also check to see if the hdd is fragged. But to quote werxen
    dude your cpu is ancient
    the system is quite dated, but if you need to limp it along adding that ram should getcha back to where you were.
  3. If he's trying to run a real time antivirus scanner on that CPU, he's probably hogging a good 25%+ of his resources up from that alone...

    Frankly, I don't think he has the horses...
  4. 128MB is unbearably slow with XP. You need to upgrade to either 512MB or 1GB at least. Going to 2GB isn't really worth it with such a dated system.

    There was a previous pc that I had installed XP on it with AVG and I think you'd end up with around 50MB free ram after start-up, not really much left there.
  5. sounds like many of the Dell / HP workstations you find in offices. With more RAM you should be more than able to run the applications you use. Check the mobo manufacturers website for maximum memory it supports then upgrade. Ok the CPU is an old design but they are more than capable to run office applications
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