Q9550 or core i7

hey guys I am wondering if my PC's gaming performance will be enhanced if I upgrade to a core i7 vs a q9550 in games at a 1920 res with 2 GTX 260s seeing as they are both incredibly fast.

(I have a 780i mobo with 4 gigs DDR2 RAM and I want to know if it would be worth it for me to simply replace my E6750 with a Q9550 or try sell my CPU, mobo, and RAM and upgrade to a LGA 1366 mobo with 6 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a core i7 920 CPU... for solely for gaming with sli GTX 260's)

thanks in advance folks!
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  1. ^ True that i7 is a solid option for the above mentioned reasons, but as you have said its primarily for gaming, and if your mobo doesnt have SLI issues, then the Q9550 is a better buy...
    Even the Q9550 overclocks really well and would offer similar gaming performance is there are no issues with SLI on that board...
    But for other tasks CPU intensive tasks, the i7 rules...
  2. I would have to agree with PsychoSaysDie, go i7 if possible. It really does do much better with multi-gpu setups than the C2Q's.
  3. @pedro5 If you get a good deal with your CPU, Mobo and RAM, then go ahead and get the i7...

    But I still feel that for a purely gaming PC, even the Q9550 would do well...Check out this article @ Anandtech, comparing the i7, Q9550, AMD 940 with multiple card config...
    Though they are using ATI cards, the SLI would give similar results...Unless you encounter some issues with the SLI on that mobo...
  4. Check the benchmarks of the specific titles you play. It is hard for me to imagine that the performance difference, if any, justifies the time and expense of a complete rebuild vs. just dropping in a new CPU. OTOH, I've read that the nVidia chipset boards aren't the most stable, and if you're having problems, then a new mobo might make sense.
  5. i7 hands down. I about crapped my pants when i saw my i7 rig man handle Crysis, and GTAIV.

    More so with GTAIV, Crysis is more vidcard, but GTAIV was like a whole new game.
  6. MGDJoker said:
    i7 hands down. I about crapped my pants when i saw my i7 rig man handle Crysis, and GTAIV.

    More so with GTAIV, Crysis is more vidcard, but GTAIV was like a whole new game.

    If building new, absolutely. If not, I wouldn't be so sure. What did you have before you got the i7? Might you have seen similar results with a Q9?
  7. right now I have an E6750 at 3.2 ghz and I want to throw another gtx 260 into my system and run it with ease ... no bottlenecking!
  8. oh and also... does the RAM speed affect gameplay a lot... I have PC6400 which is rather weak nowadays...

    thanks folks! ya'll rock!
  9. Even over my friends Q9550 i run a more consistent FPS on GTAIV, and I can use more of the Higher end effects in the graphics which on his PC says something of the nature that "your PC doesnt have hardware todo so." or something like that. If i remember right.
  10. Oh, so you do not already have the second GTX260? Hmmm, that makes it a little tougher. How do you feel about waiting just another week for information about i5? That might be a cheaper option than i7, that I think we're expecting to perform better than Q9.
  11. oh i5 details are out in a week? well I might just wait then, and do any of you know if the core i5 is for the LGA 1366 boards or will we have any new LGA 775 CPUs in the future? thanks again
  12. LGA775 is a dead end. I5 is LGA1156.
  13. Yea 775 will turn into 478 very soon haha.
  14. I would agree with jtt283 on the i5s...As you dont have another GTX260 right now, then it makes sense for a overall upgrade...
    The i5 have SLI support with the P55 chipset from intel...So I dont think you would have any major problems with SLI on those boards unlike nvidia chipset boards...

    Look out for September 9th...It is the date fixed for i5 launch...
  15. I was considering going to either i7 or i5 I haven't fully decided yet I have a good p45 board was also thinking of just dropping in a 9550 to replace my e8400 so that vmware would do better. Guess I will wait and see how i5's perform when their released.
  16. i7-860 is already out in some countries and it seems that its performance is similar to that of the i7-920. Although the i7-920 is slightly cheaper, the complete system (CPU+M/B+RAM) of i7-860 is much cheaper(at least in Taiwan and Japan) with power consumption of 95W compared to the 130W of i7-920. I can't wait to get my LGA1156 i7.
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