Cpu choice?

right now i have a EVGA GTS 250 1 GIG and it isnt running fully because my cpu is holding it back. i have an amd x2 4000+ oc at 2.84

so my question is should i go with intel and get the E8400 and over clock it, i keep hearing great things about it

or should i go with amd and the Phenom II X4 945, its a quad core, about same price, and they both have 6mb cache

so plz give me input and also im lookin to stay around 350 for motherboard ram and mobo, so if u guys could also recommend some motherboards that would be great
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  1. Or the best thing is you should be waiting till September 9th as intel is going to launch newer Mainstream CPUs, So if they would fit into your budget, get them or their launch is surely going to push the price or other CPUs down so you would get a better deal then...
  2. Yes, indeed. I am normally not a proponent of waiting - there is always something better coming.

    But this time, something better is coming real soon now, and like gkay said, it may push the prices of current components downward.
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    The rumahs:

    Next week AMD is making a 'quick strike' by releasing Athlon II x4 'Propus' a month early. These are quad core procs in the $120/range.

    BUT, the initial Athlon x4 Propus will be Deneb core and possibly unlock to Phenom Quads. The best way to tell (from what I have seen) is the wattage will be listed as 65-95w.

    When the 'true' Propus comes out next month it will be a 45w quad.

    Hard to recommend a mobo not knowing which way you may go with your CPU and RAMs. Intel will soon have 3 sockets available.

    AMD has 2 sockets that are (sorta) inter-changeable.
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