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Hiya Guys!

I've been doing bad lately, lost my car so i need a way of transportation to and from school.

A Good Fixie Bike is going to cost me around $400+ so i decided to sell my computer.

How much would i be able to get for this?

Computer Case: NZXT Phantom White
Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T @ 4.0Ghz-4.5Ghz Stable
RAM: A-Data 4GB Gaming Series 1600Mhz RAM
CPU Fan: Thermalright Silver Arrow
Graphic Card: ASUS 5870 1GB | 1600 Steam processors
Hard Drive: 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200RPM
Power Supply: Thermal-take 850W Black Widow

They are all in New Condition. Bought three extra fans for the case (2x 200mm, 1x 140mm). Even added LED for the front.

Hopefully i'd have enough money after buying the bike to still be able to build another PC and game.

- Timothy
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  1. Keep the computer its nice BTW, and get you an old BMX ala Huffy, or an old 10-speed schwinn from the Goodwill..it shouldn't cost you no more than $25.00...or get one from Wally World for like $100...Your Computer IMHO is worth probably like $500-$750.
  2. bleh 500-750 is extremely considering i still have the receipt for every item. T_T

    i really wanted a Fixie haha.. they gooooo fast! don't want one that isn't made from Aluminum alloy though.

    But yeah, maybe i'll keep this until i save some for a bike. bad thing is, no job. :cry:
  3. Dude...u got no computer, u got no life...maybe other way around but I suggest keep the computer and catch the bus..
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