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I'm driving myself crazy trying to make sure that everything about a computer I am building, the first one, is absolutely flawless. I know a good deal about hardware, but I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to the Power Supplies, and I just need to know how to find out if a Motherboard and a PSU are compatible. The motherboard I'm going with says that the Power Pin is a 24 Pin, and the Power Supply says that is a 20+4 Pin. I'm pretty sure that the 20+4 pin is the same as a 24 pin, just with the last 4 pins on a separate strand so that the PSU is compatible with older MoBo's, but I'm not entirely sure.

So if someone would like to take a quick look at this, that would be great. Motherboard
Power Supply

Also, while I have a thread open, I need to know another quick little question that I just thought of, and forgive me if I start to ramble, I'm tired :). This is the case I'll be using, but I have no idea if all the cords are there that it would need, and I don't even know what those cords are exactly. Thanks guys for any feedback.
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  1. For a modest occassional gaming rig with low to mid range video card, the corsair 400w for $39.99 after rebate with free shipping ( will work fine. For hardcore gaming, go with the 650w corsair ($89.99 after rebate).
  2. Yes, the Antec Earthwatts 650 will work just fine with any current motherboard.
    And yes, a 20+4 pin connector offers compatibility with current 24 pin motherboards as well as older 20 pin motherboards.

    Between the PSU, motherboard and case you should have all the cables you need.
    The PSU will include the power cord, the motherboard SATA cables and USB headers and the case will have all the connectors for the power switch and front panel connectors included.
  3. Sweet, thank you outlw, and o1die, the video card I'm going with requires atleast a 450w PSU so I'm somewhere between Hardcore gaming and a budgeted computer, also the Antec EarthWatts is 79.99 without any sort of rebate and it's the same wattage. But thanks guys ;)
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