4890 sudden loss of hdmi (only) <non TV, HDMI Cable or OS. problem>

I can no longer get a hdmi signal from my sappire 4890.

I got the card a few months back and it has been working correctly upo until now.

I just got a new case a few days ago and I have swapped all of my components into it and ever since I have not been able to get the hdmi output to work. I just want to give an over view of my system and a statement of my assumptions.

CPU: Intel E6600 @ stock 2.4 Ghz (conroe)

GPU: Sapphire Radeon 4890 1 GB. CCC. 9.5.

RAM: 2 GB 800 DDR2

MainBoard: GigaByte GA-965P-S3. Here!

PSU: Corsair 750W.

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate.

Display: 32" LG 5700 full 1080P (currently connected via VGA) Here!

I do not believe it is a software problem as I can no longer see the POST messages or the splash screen (pre-HDD access)

I know It is not the TV or the hdmi cable as I have already tested with a friend's laptop via its HDMI out port. the tv recognises that it is connected to something as the HDMI input icon in the tv's menu is greyed out when I shut my pc down completly but it indicates it is connected otherwise.

both dvi ports are sending perfect VGA signals to the tv using the DVI-VGA dongel.

the sound tab in win vista is reporting that there is no hdmi connectedImage Hosting

there are only a few possablities as I see it the video card is refusing to send hdmi output to the tv (possably because of some anti copywrite false positive)

the dvi to hdmi dongle is damaged in some way (highly unlikley as all pins are in mint condition as the dongle is simple and sturdy)

I just want to re-emphasise that the problem cannot be software/driver related as I can no longer see the POST or BIOS, both of which are pre HDD accsess.

I am beginning to think there may be a problem in the card's onboard bios or maybe its a bad mobo configuratiion altough everything seems to be in order

thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated.

If anyone can recomend the best way to get actual ATI assistance i would greatly appreciate it.

Ps. this is already posted in the ati foums

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  1. Using DVI/HDMI connector from ATI you should get Video/Audio on any of the DVI connector of the 4890.

    Call Sapphire and request for a replacement ATi DVI/HDMI Connector. Just in case its damaged (for whatever reason) your replacement is on the way.

    If you have access to 3rd party DVI/HDMI connector try it on both DVI connector of your Sapphire 4890. You should get the video.

    I have an XOC 4890 and i can get Video/Audio on any of the DVI outputs of the card. Audio is only available when using the DVI/HDMI connector from ATI. I have no success in getting audio when using 3rd party DVI/HDMI connector. When using 2 Monitors using HDMI (on both monitor)audio comes out on the Primary display only.
  2. Thank you Leon for your reply. It is interesting that you cannot get picture using 3rd party cable, I will try and get my hands on a new connector and post what I find.
  3. I can get picture on 3rd party DVI/HDMI connector but not the audio....Any DVI/HDMI connector you can get video. I have no success with AUDIO using 3rd Party DVI/HDMI connector.

    Its not the cable. What I'm pertaining to is the White DVI/HDMI connector from ATI.
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