So EK or Swiftech?

Hello, I was wondering what company makes the better water cooling parts, EK or Swiftech the pros and cons that I can easily point out of the two brands is that for me I live in The US and Swiftech is a US company, so the parts could be cheaper as well as the shipping but the dilemma here is that EK looks like they make excellent products so I have no idea which way to go. It all boils down to quality for $ what company do I pick under those terms? [:fisshy:2]
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  1. Read the watercooling sticky at the top of the section.

    1- What other components do you have?
    2- What's your budget?
    3- What components you want cool?

    If you want the best for your CPU, the EK Supreme HF (high flow) is the way to go.

    If you want more info check this
  2. Im only cooling my CPU for now, Phenom II x4 970 and My budget is below $250 so swiftech is looking good, but all I really wanted to know was if Swiftech is reliable? Im aware EK is good but they have to ship all the way from Europe...
  3. swiftech is good, even is the 3rd in line on good manufacturers but if you have the money (not problem with $250) go with EK that's much better for the price.

    Regarding the shipping, you don't need ship the block in the EK's web page. Here are a list where you can find all the components that you need in the USA.

    My CPU block was bought in sidewindercomputers....and I'm not from the USA.
  4. I had this same decision to make just recently. Both are top names in the water cooling business. I ended up going with an EK-KIT H3O - Supreme HF 360 for my rig. The EK kit came with parts that I felt better about (in particular, compression fittings).

    Also: Mods can we get this moved to the Water Cooling sub-forum please? General Discussion is so not the place for it.
  5. Thanks for all the help, I'll probably go with Swiftech reservoir and pump with the rest EK.
  6. What other components do you have in mind?
  7. Both are good radiators. Swiftech rads have been around a little longer, but EK's are very good as well. However, I'm pretty sure EK rads are made by a 3rd party and rebranded. I don't have a link right off-hand, but I think I recall reading how they were identical to Magicool...or maybe that was XSPC...

    Regardless, almost all are made in the same way with the same design. There are slight differences, but it's a toss-up unless you are doing some very specific testing.

    Check out Skinnee's radiator comparisons and reviews:
  8. Eventually I will be cooling two HD 5770s but I only have one of the cards so far so Im not going to water cool it. (I will be OCing my system as far as I can get it pretty much.)
  9. Regardless of your setup, with current hardware, allocating a 2x120 radiator worth of space is a good rule of thumb. So, a CPU and Crossfire 5770's would be the equivalent of 6x120 worth of radiators...usually people go with 2- 3x120's.
  10. IMO two 5770 with WC is a waste of money.
  11. Considering the price of the cards vs. price of the blocks...yeah. The blocks cost as much as a card...~$100 unless you went MCW80's or something.'s the OP's call.

    Magnets- maybe consider the cash on GPU blocks and get a better GPU? Maybe going CPU only for now is the best option until you determine your next steps with GPUs...?
  12. I disagree. The water cooling system would cost more then the CPU at this point in time, but I'm still getting it for the CPU only at first. With the waterblock for my CPU being AMD it will most likely be usable again and knowing the trend with the CPU heatsink holes on motherboards recently, 1156 heatsinks can fit on 1155. AM2/AM2+ heatsinks can fit on AM3. And because I am using universal GPU blocks I may be able to use those later on. All the other parts should be usable still. I will also use another 1x120mm radiator in my loop once both GPUs are installed and if that isn't enough Ill buy another radiato and mod my case to fit it somewhere.
  13. there is more then just EK/Swiftech ( both are great),if you lookin for CPU block i would recommend KL 360,370 ,any socket compatible AMD socket G34 included
  14. A WC kit cost the same that a 1090T or 1100T, so, if you go with custom components could be more cheap.

    Koolance 360/370 are more expensive that EK but the performance that they deliver isn't enough for the price that you pay for it.
  15. saint19 said:
    A WC kit cost the same that a 1090T or 1100T, so, if you go with custom components could be more cheap.

    Koolance 360/370 are more expensive that EK but the performance that they deliver isn't enough for the price that you pay for it.

    now; look at craftsmanship/quality
    Nickel plated HF 90$

    Nickel plated 360 rev 1.2 80$

    KL 360 1.78 GPM/66.28C (rev 1.1...rev 1.2 is improved)+socket G34 mount
    EK HF 1.78 GPM/65.23C ( +/-1C difference )

    the performance is almost equal ,the esthetics's are's personal preference i guess
  16. Yeah, you're right but Frozen CPU is one of the most expensive sites for buy WC components.

    360 Rev. 1.2 $ 74.95

    370 $89.99

    HF Supreme HF Gold Edition $79.99

    All those support Intel and AMD, including opteron CPUs.
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