Connecting multiple fans PSU or M/B?


I recently purchased and started assemling the following setup....

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
CPU Heatsink: Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme & Sythe S-Flex 800rpm fan
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA970XT-UD4P
RAM: 2 x OCZ Technology DDR3 PC3-10666 1333Mhz 4GB (2x2GB)
Graphics: XFX ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB DDR5 (HD-487A-YDFC)
HDDs: 4 x Seagate 160GB SATA 3.5IN 7200RPM 8MB SATA300
Case: Antec Three Hundred (plus extra 3 x Antec 3 speed 120mm case fans - no LEDs)
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 750W

With the exception of the CPU fan header, the M/B has two other fan headers, but I will have the two inbuilt fans (top and rear) and 3 additional fans (two front, one side). I am looking for advice on how to connect them all.

I notice that the fans all seem to allow pass through (if that is the correct term) power connection. Is it advisable to use? I was thinking maybe connect the two inbuilt fans to one header and the three added to the other? That way the M/B can control all the fans.

I will also need to convert from the 4 pin power connection of the fans to 3 pin for motherboard attachments but I have seen such adapters and I could do with an extension anyway to keep my cabling tidy.

FYI: They are all Antec 3 speed fans, regardless of whether they are connected to the motherboard or not any recommendations including the settings I should choode for each would be appreciated too.

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  1. Connecting 2 or 3 fans to a single motherboard header is rough on your MB. You can do 2 to one header, but I wouldn't do 3. Why don't you just use molex connectors from your PSU? Do you really need all of your fans to be controlled by the MB?
  2. Thanks for the response, in short I don't know whether I should or could connect all to M/B, hence my post (maybe I should have mentioned this is my first system build in about 5 years, things have changed somewhat) :-)

    So which ones should I M/B connect and which PSU?

    My thoughts....

    Two in built (top and rear) to M/B, still not sure what I should set the 3 speed selector at, I guess High as the M/B will dial right down anyway?

    Three additional to PSU (molex) and all set to Low?

  3. Yeah I would do the front and rear fans on the MB, the rest connected to the PSU. Turn them up as high as you can stand the noise level.
  4. right i bought a artic cooler pro 64 for my cpu and it has occupied a 4 pin white socket....

    i have one 120 mm fan that has 3 pins put into another socket...

    now where do it put my 80 mm fan i cant seem to find anymore sockets,,,, they gave me this little converter thing with the zalman cooler but it looks the same to me, can i even put this thing in or am i out of space....

    ive got a asrock n68-s

    ive herd sum ppl connect direct to psu how do u do that?
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