Can Hybrid SLi boost the performace for games

Since i have a 8600 Gts and planning to buy a Board with an hybrid SLi will it sort of boost in video performance in games.

Planning a ECS gf8200 board with it is hybrid sli will it boost or lose??

from what i know it says it will boost the performance up up to 75 %

don't know if its true but hope it does and am counting on it.....!!!! :bounce:
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    "Lets simply say that both Hybrid CrossFire and Hybrid SLI are mainly for power savings and won't give users a great performance boost."
  2. From what I've read, you'll probably only gain 10%. Think about it, how much more powerful is an 8200 over a 8600gts? (The 8600gts is probably 5x or more powerful than an 8200).
  3. from what I understood it shares the workload of the 2 gpu's right??
    so then if i gain 10% its really a good news for me ... but then will my gpu benefit from this like in terms of life expectancy and in terms of stress??
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