Chair/Desk Opinions and OS Decision

Hello, I had a few setup questions and just want some opinions and suggestions. I use my computer for gaming mostly, watching videos, the internet in that order.

[1] First I'm looking for a nice chair and desk combo.
Chair: My current chair has no cushion left in it, simply uncomfortable. I did have a mesh chair I liked in the past.
Desk: My keyboard platform on my desk has gotten skin oil/dirt/water and whatnot into the plywood and it's wearing away the coating, as well as the back of the keyboard board is sharp and I have a G5 mouse (that has a braided cord) cord has frayed and the cover is gone, performance is getting hindered and it looks ugly. Thinking about going wireless mouse/keyboard.

Possible options for desk and chair (but open to opinions!):
Ikea nice, simple cheap, I like it but I'm worried that the plywood covering on the keyboard would result in the same outcome (although I've had my desk for 5+ years, worth the 60 bucks I paid)

I don't mind paying oh say $150 for a chair I love. Qualities I like in a chair; mesh or at least breathable, lumbar support, able to lean back and be 'cradled', mid back is fine don't need high back. I'll use it also for turning around and playing playstation 3 on the other side of my room. 5+ Hours a day usage. Don't need weight requirements but ergonomics are great.

[2] Second I need software advice, I'd like to switch to a nice OS. With all these good different OS' flying around it's hard to choose. Like I said I'm a gamer (kinda need windows, don't want WINE troubles =/), I also like to listen to music, learn more C++, maybe do some drawing, 3d animation in the future. So, what do you guys think? Windows 7? Unbuntu? Dual boot? Stick with XP?

[3] What's a good hard drive structure for speed and backup I have two internal hard drives (1tb caviar black, 500gb caviar green) and an external 500gb mybook. I've been having minor troubles with my green I need to run a diagnostic on it and see what's up but if it turns out to be good, where should I put my gaming files, music files, and backup files so that I'll be utilizing my drives to their potential. (Info: my backup data could be sorted to around 500gb, so I'm thinking mybook for backup)

[4] Keyboard and mouse, I don't know about wireless I had one a while ago and batteries ran out very fast, has much changed? I wouldn't like it if the mouse would lose connection or have crappy response frequently, but maybe once or twice a day would be fine. I like logitech and will probably keep with them.

[5] Cheap speakers that are nice? My speaker wiring is failing and the right side is losing connection. Should I invest in an audio card? I'm not super big on sound quality but it would be nice if it came cheap :D

[6] Overclocking, I've tried it but never for long should I try overclocking just a little bit? I don't think I'm willing to pay the price if it ends up frying unless my particular cpu has a reputation for taking punishment.

My computer:
Intel Duo2 E7300 2.66Ghz
2g(1x1) DDR2-800 400Mhz PC6400 Kingston
Nvidea 8800 GT 512mb
500gb Western Digital Caviar Green Sata HD (Need diagnostic)
1Tb Western Digital Caviar Black Sata HD (New)
500gb Western Digital Mybook External (Fat32 format)
LG 22x Dual-Layer DVD-/+RW Drive (New)
(Support up to: Intel Quad Core2 Extreme QX9770 3.2Ghz, DDR2 1200/1150/1066 up to 16g, 1x PCI Express x16 slot, 4x PCI Express x1 slots)
Logitech G5(Cord) Mouse (Cord Fabric wearing off) (,en)
Standard Logitech Keyboard
Cyber Acoustic 2.1 Speaker (Faulty Wiring)
Antec Case Sonata I (Door Broken)
SAMSUNG 940BW Black 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Any help, suggestions, recommendations would be quite helpful
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  1. Bump, is this too big should I split it into a couple topics overtime?
  2. You never know how a chair is going to fit you until you set your ass in it. Check out any chair you want to get and take an extended test sit.
    Any desk surface is going to take damage over the years, either plywood or natural wood will become worn, acquire gouges, scratches or have the finish wear away. Routine maintenance is needed for wood surfaces, a fine sanding, filler for scratches and gouges and a new coat of varathane or other durable wood finish. The spray cans are handy and easy to use.
    For OS i'd go with the RC of Windows7, it's good for quite a few months, it's free right now although you'll have to pay for a working version starting about March of 2010.
    For gaming avoid the wireless mouse, just get a qood quality wired mouse and replace it every few year.
    If you're not an audiophile, stick with onboard sound, get some decent 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. These have been fine for me
    To get great performance out of the E7300 is pretty easy with OC.
  3. Yeah all that's pretty true thanks, anyone got advice for hard drive structure? I think thats the last point that dirt didn't say anything about
  4. +1 for not going wireless for mouse & kb. As for HDDs what do you mean by "hard drive structure"?
  5. like should I put all my OS files on one internal and gaming files on the other so i get 2x search power? or does it only work like that if they are in raid?
  6. ^For the sake of reinstall,etc I prefer to put my OS separate partition/drive than my programs,data,etc.
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