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Im building a system and my Visiontek card wont run in digital I can put a adapter and change it to analog and it will work. But it will work during post. I disconnected the card and it works off of mobo. Im running a asus M4A78 PRO, amd 2 quad 3.2 ghz, visiontek radon hd 4580 graphics card.ultra lsp 650 watt atx pro, 19" tft lcd 1280x1024 monitor. Plus it wont identify my Toshiba 50" plasma. I cloned the monitor I can some what get a picture on flat screen but its not that great..... HELP BEFORE I SMASH IT UP!!!!!!!
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  1. well i think the deal is (this really annoys me too) you can only set ur gfx chip to one resolution. So your tv will have to run at 1280x1024.

    NOTE: I could be wrong about that cuz i only tried once...
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